We have a lot of things to do in our lives. Probably, we might not realize because we keep ignoring what we hate to do.

Life would have been grand if we could only do what we love to do. But it usually don’t happen in the practical life. Because we often encounter an up-and-down situation in our lives.

And not every task can be of our choice, sometime we may even have to complete a task that we extremely hate to do. But it was never an option to ignore, task management is necessary at certain point of time.

Therefore, in this little piece of article, you’ll find how you can complete a task that you hate to do.

Let’s dive in…

1. Focus on Intention, Not Result

All human love to experience a good result.But it shouldn’t be your aim until you work and struggle for it.

When we start our journey, some thoughts insist us to stop doing it, like- what will happen in the future if we do it, what failure can hit us. Forget about the result, focus on your intention by asking yourself why you are doing it.

It’s your intention that makes the life of your loved one better. No matter what it may lead to, keep a strong focus on your intention.

2. Let your Fear Go

There are times when we are so crazy to do something, but unfortunately, stop doing it because we keep thinking about its consequence. The thing that stops you from doing something is your fear. You fear the discomfort and confusion of the task, you fear for its bad consequence.

So take a moment to look yourself and feel it. Accept your weaknesses. After accepting, never look back, just keep focusing on a task that you should complete it in any way.

3. Ask Yourself Why You

Instead of considering it as a distraction, take some time to think. Why do you need to complete a task that you hate to do? Surely it can’t give you an accurate answer, but it would help you to think whether- someone wants you to do it, Or you are getting paid if you do it, or something else. Dig yourself deeper and positively; find the good that you are giving to the world.

4. Take Responsibility For It

As you come across the way to complete a task that you badly hate, you must pretend that you’re in jail. When you are in jail, you are present in a single world. You have no reason to rush and do many things at once. Therefore, take the responsibility to complete a task in any way. Feel it like you have the penalty for failure. So take time and do everything right.

5. Give Yourself Constraints

We always resist doing a thing we are uncomfortable with. So, we say like- I want freedom! I don’t want to do this and that! Eventually, having an unlimited freedom means unlimited distraction and nothing goes right. Things that you expect are not done. Therefore, stop wasting time and take one step at a time. Move slowly. Make yourself limited until you complete what responsibility you hold onto.

6. Make It Interesting

Instead of discussing the task that you hate to do, what if you make your task enjoyable? That sounds great, right? Since you are surrounded by people who are unable to do a particular thing doesn’t mean you’re also incapable. Your decision is with you. Nobody can change your mind until you do. It is far better to create your task interesting and make all things get done.

7. Learn and Keep Growing

By focussing on your intention and letting your fear go. By holding a responsibility and making your task interesting, you actually teach your mind. After the completion of your task, you’ll experience peace as a result. Therefore, it’s time to learn about the task management and grow out of it, thereby paving the possible way to complete the task fully.

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