Whether it be online, amongst friends and family, in business, or just in life in general, we have all feared being seen at one time or another. We devoid ourselves of living out our true purpose for fear of being criticized. It’s a relief to know that this mental programming dates back long before the present day. This deep wiring in our brain stems from primitive eras of time when being criticized often meant the difference between life or death, as people were excommunicated from their tribes. As humanity has evolved, going against the status quo doesn’t exactly go to such extreme measures anymore; however, our apprehension to do so still remains. While it may not come down to a matter of life or death in physical terms, it can be the difference between life and death for your dreams and the regret of having never gone for them.

Well, fear no more! Today I am sharing with you authentic and empowered ways to get yourself seen and heard. Self-confidence is the key to living out an epic life, unapologetically. Say goodbye to mediocre living that has kept you stuck and unhappy. Now is the time to go for those big dreams and live life to the fullest.

  1. Remember this: They’ve probably already said it”.
    We spend so much time in unnecessary fear and stress about what other people think of us. What will they think if you launch that business, put up that post, or move to that desired destination? “What will they say” has become an ageless phrase that has kept many silent and living on the sidelines of their own lives. The good news? (Yes! There is good news.) We fear these fictitious moments in our minds but the truth is, they’ve probably already happened. That’s right. They’ve probably already done what you feared most. So you may as well just go for it! What they have to say about you is none of your business if you are staying true to yourself and your purpose.
  2. Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
    Another paralyzing element, aside from what others will think, is the “what if I get it wrong” mentality. Truth? You will make mistakes, you’re human. Making mistakes is how you get stronger, gain knowledge, and formulate action steps for moving forward. The most important piece is that you just go for it and keep going for it. By standing proudly and boldly within your vision, mistakes become learning curves that help you to continue doing better. 
  3. First, become visible to yourself.
    The art of self-confidence comes from your ability to develop a strong sense of self. By understanding that you have what it takes will give you the power to continue pushing forward even amidst adversity. Taking time each day to meditate, journal, and reflect will allow you to become stabilized in your non-negotiables and formulate an unshakeable vision.

While it can be challenging to go against the status quo and live in your most authentic light, it is completely worth it! The greatest rewards (aside from being infinitely happy!) is hearing from other people about how much you’ve inspired them or changed their lives with your work and your courage. Your gifts are needed and divinely assigned specifically to you to be carried out in this world. Your job is to allow those gifts to be seen and heard!