Over the years I’ve discovered the biggest thing blocking everyone from growing their visibility. From billionaire CEOs to bootstrapped entrepreneurs, it’s universal. It’s not time, money or lack of understanding. It’s much simpler. It’s learning to be comfortable being seen.

This doubt, insecurity or limiting belief that holds us back shows up in various forms. Here are common fears and blocks:

  • Why would the media want to feature me? Interview me?
  • There are other people out there that are more advanced or who know more than me
  • I’m too old
  • I don’t have a website up
  • I’m redesigning my website, let me wait a couple months
  • I’m a brand new business owner
  • Why me? 
  • I’m too small
  • My company isn’t new
  • I’m just a…. Soloprenuer, chef, etc. etc. 

When you let those thoughts run the show you’re making it that much harder and it will take that much longer for your tribe of raving fans to find you. 

Don’t let your fear, doubts or what-ifs keep you small and on the sidelines.

Put yourself out there with PR. Public relations is something that everyone can do. When you look at the people who are getting all the attention, it’s not because they’re the smartest people in the world or that their information is better than everyone else’s.

It’s that they’re go-getters! They’re willing to put themselves out there and do the work. Maybe they feel fear but they will do it, anyway.They will build relationships. They are consistent and that’s why you’re seeing them everywhere. 

The media is always looking for new experts. New stories to tell. They want different ideas and unique voices. 

There are many, many thousands of PR opportunities every day that could be yours if you pursue them. If you’re waiting until you are perfect, you will wait forever. Just get started on your spreading your message. 

If you are struggling with being seen, I’ve been there. Here are three mindset shifts that worked for me and will get you comfortable and confident with increasing your visibility. 

#1 Don’t Play The Comparison Game

Please be yourself because only you can be you! We are always our own worst critic. And it’s never as bad as we think. You have a clear vision of where you want to be. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. It’s a disservice to compare ourselves to where we are right now and where we want to be. We can’t judge where we’ve been to get to where we are going. We don’t see what happens behind the scenes for those people we admire to get to where they are.

#2 Take Imperfect Action

There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations for ourselves. When you think about the thought leaders, experts and the personalities you admire, they seem so comfortable, eloquent and poised. The thing you forget is that they’ve been doing this work for five, 10, 25  years or more. 

They’ve worked on their talks multiple times. They’ve done dozens, if not hundreds of interviews. The only way to reach our potential is by doing the work and getting our story out there! Don’t aim for perfect, instead each time getting better and better!

#3 It’s Not About You

When I first started doing PR for myself I was constantly thinking. How Do I Look? What if I mess up? The thing is, we put all that pressure on ourselves and it’s inward, “me, me, me” focused. We’re not focusing on the right thing. 

The entire point of getting your work out there into the world is so you can help and impact more people’s lives. 

Instead, ask yourself: “Did I show up to this interview and give it my all? Was I generous with my knowledge and my advice?” 

If the answer is yes, then you did an ah-mazing job. There’s no need to think about it further or go into analysis paralysis. We keep hearing from the SAME voices —  it’s time to add new, fresh voices to the important conversations of the day.  Get out of your own way and do it!