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We all know that the mind, soul, and heart are the key parts that make us think, decide, and act. The mind, however, has the sole capability to run our thought process, and without the soul and heart, only the mind can drain the energy of the brain just by thinking excessively.

Before anything, I want to tell you a simple fact that our mind is free to think, which means it can think without limits. But the mind is not independent, which means that our minds can do whatever we want, but only if we wish to. Therefore understand that our mind is a part of the body like any other organ, and it will act however we want it to act.

The boundless ability of our mind can take us to endless trips of imagination and overthinking, slurping all the energy of our thought process. Due to this, we become meagre in productive thinking and giving undivided attention to crucial tasks.

I still remember how my mind used to take me away from the present state.

Once I was doing my assignment, and I heard that one of the cousins of my age is getting married next month. I was happy at first, and then those emotions drove me away from my actual task. Although I was physically there with my laptop on and assignment open, that news made my mind imagine my wedding.

I began thinking about the joyous day, the excitement, colours and elation. I was totally unaware that I had an assignment to complete and submit before 12. After like 4 – 5 minutes, I retrieved my consciousness and got back to work. The real problem then began because I was feeling tired and couldn’t focus on the assignment. That was mental tiredness. I couldn’t understand why that happened, but it happened !

My mind kept bringing me random thoughts that were not related to the work I was doing. Long story short, luckily, the deadline for the assignment got extended, and I submitted it on time, but only I know how much effort I had to put in for a mere assignment.

This is just one example and the most relatable one. At that time, I didn’t realise what my mind was doing. It seemed like my mind becomes out of my control, and it can do whatever it wants. When this began to happen in my professional life, then I realised what the actual problem is.

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We think that our mind works independently. Without our permission, our mind focuses on any stuff it likes. No! That’s not the case.

The reality is we have the grip of our minds in our hands. Once we understand everyone holds the leash of their own mind, our mind will stay calm no matter how intense the situation is. And that’s the key if you want to keep your mind in your control.

For that, I’ve gathered some points that you can implement, and every point is independent of the other.

  • In any situation, especially when something apparently bad happens, take a pause and focus. Ask yourself, what are you doing? Where are you? What’s the priority task?
  • Relax and take deep breaths. More oxygen means a more active brain. The brain will become attentive and help you think calmly and logically.
  • If you are a yogi, go to your yoga room and sit there alone. Make sure there must be no distraction in there. Sitting alone gives you time to think easily.
  • Go to a place where you can look at the open sky. If it’s daylight, watch the birds flying and trees wiggling. If it’s dark, look at the moon and stars. The vastness of the sky will free your mind from any kind of thoughts, and you can refresh yourself easily.

Since I’ve not started performing yoga yet, I usually go for points 1 and 4.

At first, I found controlling my mind a bit difficult because the power of emotions can easily overcome the intellect. But that pause is the magic. It literally ceases the thought process for a moment and gives me space to organize the fuss in my mind.

About point 4, I’m fortunate to get the seat near the window at work that gives me a clear view of the bright sky and birds soaring. And for the night, it’s my daily routine to leave everything behind and go under the stars and free my mind after dinner.

If you practice any of these mind-controlling techniques, do share your experience. I’m not an expert, but since my experience has witnessed these phenomena fruitful, I’d love to share them so that people like my past version can help themselves.