– Are your thoughts non-stop?

– Do you catch yourself thinking the SAME thing, over and over?

– Do you find yourself worrying about things that NEVER EVEN HAPPENED?

– Do you sometimes wish you had an OFF switch for your mind?

– Do you ever say really mean things to yourself, things that you would never dream of saying to anyone else?

– Do your thoughts sometimes have a mind of their own, going in any direction they want?

If you answered yes to some– or even all of these questions– know that you are not alone. 

I know it can seem like our thoughts are endless and we have no control over which direction they take, but it doesn’t need to be like this.

I would love to show you how to reign your mind in and how to direct your thoughts, rather than have your thoughts directing you.


To be able to direct and control our thoughts, it’s helpful to understand what the process of thinking ACTUALLY is.

Remarkably, thinking is almost entirely the act of either asking, or answering, questions.

If you’re not sure about this- try to observe yourself and notice– how do you actually think?

Almost EVERYTHING we think is in the form of either A QUESTION i.e. we analyse, review, ponder, hypothesise etc. or AN ANSWER i.e we make a statement, explain our reasoning, share an interpretation, a perspective, an assumption, a comment etc.

If you want to control your thoughts, then you need to control your questions.

I first learnt about the critical importance of asking better questions many years ago, from personal development phenomena, Tony Robbins.

It was Tony’s wisdom who fed my insights that if we want an incredible life, we need to ask incredible questions.

From there, I went on to develop this amazingly simple two step strategy that I use to direct and control my thoughts– which I’m now sharing with you!


Control Your Thoughts in 2 Easy Steps

To create thoughts that support you, inspire you, guide you, help you, heal you, empower you– anything at all — you have to ask questions that evoke those types of answers, thereby creating that type of thinking.

The Mind-Tune Method is an incredibly simple, yet ridiculously effective strategy to controlling your thoughts.

Here’s how it works;

Be sure to ask your questions honestly and openly.

Keep asking your questions until you come up with great answers that you love!


The nature of the mind is to fixate on things.

Our thoughts reach out endlessly, obsessing over things that matter, and even things that don’t.

If we fight our mind by trying to suppress our thoughts, we’ll be fighting a losing battle. Suppressing our thoughts doesn’t work. THINKING is what the mind does.

Consciousness is thinking. It’s a gift that tells us we’re alive!

So rather trying to suppress our thoughts, we’ll work with our thoughts instead.

We’re not trying to dominate or conquer our thoughts- we control our thoughts by directing them. In this way, we remove the fighting and the inner battle.

By directing our thoughts with mindfully chosen, effective questions,  it means we are in control of our mind.

We’ll end up thinking about things that we love to think about, whatever that means to you!


  • Claudine Chicheportiche

    High Performance Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, Coach, Speaker & Author

    A 4th degree karate black belt and fourteen times Australian Karate Champion, Claudine is a speaker, facilitator, coach, and author in High Performance Mindset and Emotional Intelligence. Claudine takes intangible subjects like mindset and EQ and teaches people exactly how to leverage them so they can thrive at work, and in life. Her revolutionary ideas on Fixed and Growth Mindsets, connects fixed mindsets with the destructive belief that "I am not enough". In her Ultimate Guide to Having a Growth Mindset, Claudine provides a step-by-step strategy that helps people to pivot from living with painful, limiting fixed mindsets, to having a powerful Growth Mindset instead.  For a free copy of Claudine's Ultimate Guide to Having A Growth Mindset, visit For all questions on mindset and emotional intelligence, get in touch; [email protected]