Gulraiz Aslam is a Pakistani Software engineer, Upwork top rated QA freelancer and Tech Youtuber . Gulraiz Aslam who shot to fame with his YouTube tech videos on freelancing. Recently Gulraiz Aslam interviewed with famous YouTuber Dhaval his channel CodeBasics here you can watch complete interview

In his interview Gulraiz Aslam demonstrates how he became top rated QA on Upwork as well how anyone can become top rated freelancer and how anyone can start freelancing without any skills.Gulraiz Aslam

Overall interview was motivational, Gulraiz Aslam who has Masters degree in software engineering and he is helping freelancers through his YouTube channel named as Gulraiz Aslam where he has created many videos.

Early life and education

Gulraiz born was born in Karachi Pakistan. He did his schooling from CAA Model School 1, Karachi and earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from University of Karachi then completed Masters in software engineering from virtual university Pakistan.