Pakistan has currently the fourth biggest freelancing market in the world and higher secondary institutes are focusing on computer science education despite the increase in joblessness. Till 2016, graphic designing and web development were considered the only revenue-generating niches. There were only a few freelancers that tried in other niches and succeeded, Zulkaif Riaz one of them.

Zulkaif Riaz is a freelance writer and Author. He is a certified writer and has done internships with well-known tech giants. He is offering ghostwriting services on different platforms. Other than this, he is also a published author. Two of his books are already available in the market. He is also running the online and physical publication of MeToo Pakistan Publishers where hundreds of books are published yearly. This organisation is being operated in Pakistan and India.

In late 2013, Zulkaif Riaz started Ghostwriting on Fiverr. He was just 12 years old at the time when he started his freelancing career. His work has been posted on the world top-ranked blogs, affiliate websites, magazines, and news outlets. He has also been a top contributor on Wikipedia until 2018 when he decided to deactivate his account. He is also an experienced PR strategist and working closely with some well-known Public Relation agencies.

Zulkaif Riaz is now featured on many mainstream media outlets including BBC, Dawn, Global Village Space, Times of India, Tribune, and many others. He is also a featured writer on MeToo Pakistan magazine. Many of his work has been published without mentioning the name, it’s what we call “GhostWriting”. Zulkaif Riaz aims to publish a new book this year.