Indeed, it is not uncommon for a husband or wife to lose his/her feelings after marriage or lose interest in his/her partner. What to do? How to fix the situation? You can, of course, change your partner, then another, but the situation will not change; this isn’t really a solution…

There is no fire without smoke

Events are preceded by causes. To find a way out of the situation, you need to figure out why it happened. What have you done to cool your husband’s feelings? Yes, yes, it is you, dear women, who are often to blame for the cold that comes into the house, in bed, and in a relationship.

If a woman feels a lack of male attention, it adversely affects her ability to be happy. Lack of compliments, attitudes, warm words of gratitude, kisses, hugs, and passionate nights reduce self-esteem. The physical and psychological health of a woman is impaired.

And if a woman feels humiliated, offended, and unhappy, what kind of man will pay attention to her? Men love happy women.

You have entered a vicious circle. And it’s only up to a woman of a great desire to break it. But the desire itself is not enough. We’ll have to work on ourselves.

Find points of contact

Nothing does better job uniting people than a common cause and common interests. Stop scolding your husband for his hobbies. Make them your own. Love them for the love of your husband. After all, changing it, you’ll probably fail. And in a new position, it is easy to change the view of yourself. Fishing, playing cards, or cycling can bring great pleasure.

Look at your favorite things from a different perspective. Start reading those books that your husband likes. And after reading them, discuss interesting topics and issues raised in your favorite works.

Or ask your husband for advice on how to deal with the concept of the game of backgammon, checkers, dominoes (or any other game that your husband likes). The basics can be learned from the Internet, where there is no limit to the possibilities. Surprise him with the knowledge of the intricacies of fishing or famous athletes. And the husband will discover you in a new way.

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When changing the world – start with yourself!

Only death cannot be changed. Everything else can be radically changed, but there has to be a desire to do so. But you just have to start from yourself. After all, the secrets of great change lie in our pretty little heads.

It all starts with thoughts. The thoughts a person has represent that person. Start thinking positively. Try to avoid negativity, and even more so, pass it on, and infect others with it. And first of all, it concerns the husband. Radiate positive energy, infect your husband with this energy.

If you dream about a prince and his attention, become a princess!

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Start playing sports, get a gym membership. If there is no time for a gym, at least move more. Instead of doing nothing, take a walk with a stroller, dog, or friend. An active lifestyle, walks in the fresh air, jogging, and all of these things will make your body look and feel better.