Being busy seems like the new norm, especially for those living the high-paced life in urban areas. However, being busy does not always mean being productive. When busyness becomes overwhelming, it can be easier for anxiety and stress to creep in, leaving us feeling burned out. If not handled properly, we can lose our sense of purpose in life, and even suffer from long-term chronic stress. So, step back from your busy routines and read our tips on how to cope with busyness.

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Look for quick ways to de-stress

We often have this misconception that de-stressing consumes too much time, and time is a luxury we can’t afford. The truth is de-stressing can be done during brief break periods, allowing you to incorporate it into your daily schedule. There are many quick stress relief strategies, such as breathing exercises, taking a walk, listening to calming music, or stretching your muscles. Find out which ones work best for you and do them whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and stress.

Know your limits

While many things can demand our time, it’s important to know your limits. Be gentle with yourself and learn to say no if you really can’t do something instead of forcing yourself to fit everything into your schedule. It’s also important to have a daily schedule so that you can easily identify times when you’re free and occupied. You can try a Calendly alternative that can help you create, access, and modify your schedule as needed.

Take care of your health

Your health is a precious asset. Being overly busy can lead to stress, which will take a toll on your overall performance and productivity. A common habit of busy people is taking too much caffeine, thinking it will help them stay energized to cope with their busy lives. However, too much caffeine isn’t good for your health as it makes it harder to rest and sleep. Instead, try your best to get enough sleep so that you won’t be as exhausted when carrying out your activities throughout the day.

Change your mindset

Anxiety and stress can also originate from your mindset. Try changing your mindset and adopting up a can-do attitude. Perceive stress not as it is, but as a challenge that you can overcome. This little mind trick can help you maintain motivation instead of feeling burned out while thinking of what’s next on your agenda.

Take your time in the morning

Most busy people usually get up and immediately get ready for the day without pausing and appreciating the beauty of the morning. Actually, the morning light is really good for your well-being and can boost your mental health. If possible, get up early and have a quick walk under the morning sun as a form of light therapy. It’s even better if you incorporate; light exercises, as it can reduce anxiety symptoms.

Delegate when you can

No matter how busy you get, always remember that you are not facing things on your own. Sure, there are tasks that you need to handle personally, but whenever possible, delegate what you can to others. Take a mental note of who you can trust to perform certain jobs, and realize that the people around you are invaluable assets to both your work performance and your mental health.

Coping with busyness in a healthy way is not rocket science, nor is it costly or time-consuming. It’s a reward we need to give ourselves that boosts both productivity and your mental health. Modify your schedule and take care of yourself. Don’t let busyness get the better of you!