young woman doing exercises at home during quarantine

Around the world, many countries are still under lockdown while others may go under lockdown again at any time. With this in mind, you might be wondering how to cope with quarantine. 

When you’re stuck inside, cabin fever can sometimes feel all-too close. Yet there is a range of productive ways to deal with quarantine and stay happy and healthy!

From starting a business to working on your personal fitness to learning a new skill, there’s any number of great ways to be industrious during these difficult times. 

1. Learn a New Skill

According to some, it takes 10,000 hours of practice for you to become an expert at any particular skill. That’s over a year of consistent practice. While none of us hope to be under quarantine for that long, this time gives you time to make a great start on any new skill!

Think about something that you’ve always wanted to try before, but have never had the time. This could be cooking, coding, playing a musical instrument, or anything else!

Set aside a little bit of time every day and practice. By the end of quarantine, you should have the foundations of a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

2. Start a Business

You might think that starting a business from home is impossible. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Even if your business depends on in-person work, you can get your business set up and ready to go once normal life resumes! If you’re able to work on your business from home, this time at home could let you put together a client list and start earning money.

At the very least, you could set up a website and start building interest in your company. If you’ve always had a business idea that you’ve wanted to put into action, now’s the time.

3. Stay Fit

One of the best things to do around the house during quarantine is keep fit. Many of us are now living much more sedentary lives than we’re used to and this can have a big impact on our fitness levels. 

Even if you’re under very strict self-isolation, you can still keep fit. Many people are learning yoga from Youtube during quarantine, for instance.

If yoga isn’t your cup of tea, we would recommend looking up bodyweight workouts, which require no equipment whatsoever! 

Staying fit and healthy can do wonders for both your physical and mental health, both of which can take a toll during the quarantine.

4. Plant a Garden

During these slow periods of life, why not spend your time giving life to other beings? Planting a garden is one of the most satisfying things you can do during the quarantine. 

Being surrounded by plants helps our mental health and having a nice selection of plants in your home can filter the air around you as well as serving as small reminders to take care of your own physical needs.

Planting a garden isn’t only nice for your mental health, it can also work in combination with your other passions. Do you want to tidy up your home and improve the interior design? Then find some colorful houseplants that you love and add them to your home!

Do you love cooking? Then why not create a herb garden that you can turn to for some extra flavor?

5. Keep in Touch With Your Friends and Family

It can be easy to feel cut off during quarantine but there’s no need to be isolated. While it’s not the same as meeting with your friends and family in person, hosting a video call gives you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones without having to leave your home.

While Zoom has been incredibly popular, it’s not the only videoconferencing solution out there. Skype also offers group calling for up to 50 people and Facebook has recently introduced a new group feature called Messenger Rooms. 

If you’re not the videoconferencing sort, you can text or call your friends and family the old-fashioned way. However you stay in touch with those who are important to you, we’d recommend putting the extra time in to stay in touch during these difficult times.

6. Experience New Media

Many of us fall into the trap of enjoying old favorites over and over again. Maybe we always listen to that one favorite album on repeat or always go back to that old film that we’ve seen dozens of times before. 

Now is the perfect time to start expanding your horizons. Load up Spotify or Apple Music and listen to some of the best albums of recent years and see if you find a new favorite! Check out what’s trending on Netflix and watch some of the most popular movies and TV of our time.

7. Write a Blog

If you’re still struggling to work out how to cope with quarantine, why not write a blog about your quarantine experiences? Not only will this help you deal with any difficult feelings, but it will also serve as an interesting bit of history for later in life.

Recording your experiences of these times is important for yourself and the world at large. Who knows? With solid marketing, your blog could even become a source of income.

How to Cope With Quarantine: Answered

Learning how to cope with quarantine can be difficult. This is a huge adjustment for everyone, all around the globe. Hopefully, this article will help you make the best of it.