Uncertainty is a living hell for goal-driven people during the current pandemic. If you are a goal maniac like me and you live by the goals and targets you set for yourself in every aspect of your life, you love plans and get really down when you can’t fulfill what you have planned for yourself and your life, so probably You are now like me being beaten up every day by your mind trying to make you figure out how you both will survive when you technically can’t pursue your already set goals or even set new ones.

There’s nothing wrong with you and your goals, and probably every success you have achieved in your life is because of your planning skills and the control you have for yourself that pushes you to reach your targets and go places. But unfortunately in uncertain times, it’s crucial that we have mercy on ourselves and adopt a more flexible mindset that helps us navigate more smoothly through such dark times.

I tried the below strategy to help my mind feel more in control, so it may give me a slack. I hope it works for you too.

Continue to set goals but make them easy ones

Your mind is freaking out as it feels like it’s losing control and can’t perform his beloved task, which is creating goals and tracking your progress for achieving these goals. So, continue to set goals but try to make them attainable and small ones. Set daily goals like working on some side project or a long lost hobby that you didn’t have the time for it before. Try to set a physical goal like doing a difficult workout that needs a certain fitness level and try to build up your fitness to be able to do this workout in a pre-set timeline or try to set a target weight that you have waited for a long time to reach, and research your way how through a balanced diet and the right workout you can achieve this weight in a specific reasonable timeline.

Our control-freak minds are dealing with a lot right now, so keep them busy trying to control something that we can actually control!