Social media has turned out to be a bane in some ways for the modern world. With the advancement of technology, people keep glued to the social media for many hours throughout the day. It has become extremely addictive for a lot of people. The following are the ways in which one can reduce social media addiction.

1. Read more books.

Why don’t you be a reader? There are a number of authors throughout the world who write on various topics. There are ancient writings as well as modern ones. Developing the habit of reading is helpful in many ways. It not only enriches your knowledge, but it also makes you well informed. Also, the options are quite vivid. There are various topics. For example, there are history books, there are novels, there are books on ancient epics and a lot more. This also helps you in spending more time out of social media. 

According to a report on Bigtime Daily, recently Instagram and Facebook crashed for users worldwide which caused a bit of a panic among the users. In a normal world, absence of such services should never result in a panic of any kind. This indicates the level of addiction to such services.

2. Go for a walking or jogging.

Want to find out more ways to spend time? It is very simple. Resort to walking or jogging. It is very helpful. It will help you to stay fit till a longer age. Along with increasing your fitness, it will also provide you a peace of mind. This is very necessary to lead a healthy life. You can go for jogging sessions in any time of the day, preferably early morning or evening. You can buy your favorite tracksuit and jogging shoes and start it at the earliest.

3. Music: it helps people to a great extent.

If you are thinking how to reduce your social media addiction, there’s nothing better than music. You can spend hours, sitting on a chair or lying on your bed, with your headphones plugged in your ears. Select your playlist according to your choice and enjoy. You can also start learning singing. Try going to singing classes. Or you can also learn an instrument if you want to. We wouldn’t recommend going to YouTube music as its very distractive. One video will lead you to another video and in a few minutes you will end up watching a funny cats video out of nowhere.

4. Try a hand at cooking.

Want to do something creative which also reduces your social media addiction? Download the recipes of your choice of dishes from the internet. This is a better use of the internet than being addicted to the social media all day long. After downloading, try to incorporate them. You can learn preparing good dishes in this way. At the same time, you can spend a lot of time outside social media.