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As a sat there with my eyes closed, I heard her coo nearby followed by the soft scrunch of her diaper as she crawled towards me. I smiled and continued to breathe.

She was a part of my meditation now.

The Truth About Meditation for Moms

If you had a meditation practice before becoming a mom you might feel shocked at the reality of your new meditation practice.

We often have ideas about how things are supposed to look, and find ourselves disappointed when they look different than we expected. This holds true for our meditation practice as well.

My meditation practice has evolved greatly after becoming a mom, in the most beautiful ways.

Meditation is a Form of Self Care

Meditation is a beautiful way to settle your thoughts, tune into the message of your emotions, and practice presence so you can more fully enjoy the beauty of life.

Ultimately meditation is meant to bring more qualities of presence and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Your children naturally encourage and challenge you to bring your meditation practice to life. So lean into this gift and allow them to be your greatest teachers.

Drop Your Expectations

Your meditation practice doesn’t have to look a certain way. Meditation will look different for everyone. So, allow yourself to let go of comparison and find joy in your meditation experience.

Your practice will transform after becoming a mom and continue to evolve throughout your motherhood journey.

Whether you used to regularly meditate before becoming a mom or you are wanting to create a meditation practice, here are some ideas to help you incorporate meditation into mom life.

1. Practice Mindfully Pausing

Meditation doesn’t’ t have to be done in a large block of time once or twice a day. Although finding pockets of time to practice meditation is wonderful, it is not always practical, especially when you have young children.

Pausing with mindfulness ultimately means pausing intentionally throughout the day and taking a few deep calming breaths, so you can check in with yourself and see what you need.

Taking time to do this several times throughout the day is a great way to cultivate mindfulness in motherhood.

2. Practice Gratitude

There is always something to be thankful for. Sprinkling gratitude throughout your day is a lovely way to bring more mindful intention to your days.

You may even like to take time to share what you are grateful for with your children. This will help your kids to cultivate a beautiful gratitude practice that will benefit them for years to come.

3. Smile

Smiling is a great addition to your gratitude and mindful pausing practices. Smiling will help you to bring your focus inward and check in with your feelings as well as give yourself a moment to find something to be grateful for.

Allow that thankfulness to be expressed through your beautiful smile throughout the day.

4. Start Your Mornings with Intention

Starting your mornings with intention and self care is an invaluable practice. Creating a simple self care morning ritual will help you to start your days feeling calm, confident, and energized as a mom!

5. Practice Being Present with Your Child

Being fully present when playing with your kids is a great way to bring mindfulness and meditation into the moment.

Allow the long list of to-dos in your head fall away as you immerse yourself in your senses and enjoy this precious time with your children.

Connecting with Nature - Soul Care Mom

6. Connect with Nature

Whether sitting and soaking up the sunshine or going for a walk, spending time in nature is a beautiful way to nourish your body and nurture your soul. 

Taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature can leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

7. Practice Yoga for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Yoga is a great way to bring movement and meditation together.

It isn’t always possible to get to a yoga class when you have young children. A great alternative is to create a practice at home.

You may like to incorporate yoga videos to help guide you through your practice.

Practice Yoga with Your Kids - Soul Care Mom

8. Bring Your Attention to Your Breath

Just as you bring your attention to your breath in meditation, practice bringing your awareness to your breath throughout the day as well.

This will help you to truly incorporate meditation into mom life.

9. Take Advantage of Naptime

If your children are still young, use naptimes or quiet times to sit in meditation.

Using guided meditations can be a lovely way to enjoy some time in meditation during these more quiet times of day.

10. Nourish Your Soul

Taking time each day to do something that helps to fulfill you and nourish your soul will help you to fill your cup, and nurture yourself so you can feel calm and happy as a mother.

These acts of self love don’t have to be extravagant or take a lot of time. Simple practices to help you feel loved and nurtured will go a long way in helping you thrive as a mom.

11. Journal

Taking a few minutes to journal, especially after sitting to meditate is a wonderful habit to cultivate.

Write down any thoughts, feelings, or insights that came up for you during your meditation. Your journal is also a great place to note the things that you are thankful for each day.

12. Tune into Yourself Often

Checking in with yourself and using the tools of your meditation practice often throughout the day will help you to really bring your meditation practice to life.

Noticing how you are feeling and bringing the gifts of your meditation practice into the moment will help you to be a calm and peaceful mom.

Meditate with Your Kids - Soul Care Mom

The Evolution of Your Motherhood Journey

My girls love to practice meditating with me now. They understand the importance of self care and it has become a natural part of our day.

When you begin to prioritize self care and meditation you will find that you begin to feel calm and thrive as a woman and as a mom.

Motherhood is a beautiful but challenging adventure. With meditation and self care you can truly enjoy the journey!

You’re worth it, Mama!