It is spring and soon to be officially summer! I am very excited to be taking my walks back outside. Instead of my 10,000 steps on the Peloton and watching My Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Stranger Things, I’m now listening to audiobooks again.

This time, the power of habit. Although, I’m still in chapter one, it already has me thinking. It talks about how focusing on changing just one habit can influence a whole series of changes. And for the example they gave in the book, the habit was quitting smoking. 

The before is me with kids on Mother’s day of 2021. In October 2022 in Italy, I was down 20 pounds. Which do you think is better?

I thought to myself, I put on 10 pounds during COVID. And two years later, I’ve kept off 20 pounds. What was my one habit? 10,000 steps a day? What was my goal orientation?

For me, I am highly motivated by numbers and keeping on a streak. I don’t like to miss a day because then I lose my streak…and the little star that my Fitbit gets me!

What motivates you to act? What is the one habit that you can personally change that might set off a stream of changes that would offer you the chance to achieve something in your life?

Appling this to organization; I see an opportunity. Could there be a complete ripple of change if companies explore their one habit? Stopping to understand how to drive their company culture may offer a new perspective in which they could focus on values and culture within an organization.

Interested in discovering the power of habit? Or diving into your business’ culture and values to encourage more efficiency into everyday actions?

Try it for yourself. Move some habits around and explore. And if you want to do this kind of work with your team or your organization, reach out to learn more. I welcome the opportunity to offer programs to dive into how culture drives brand, and values drive culture.