Everyday, we challenge ourselves to get our body going one more time. May it be going to work, starting a business, or even getting a new haircut. It may feel like, and may I say, we’re stuck by our old routines and/or some kind of superstitions. They say “get our of your comfort zone” that we lack a fresh point of view.

Creating a new slate, being on a fresh start, clarifying our view of the little things, like getting on a new list of easy goals, making up your bed in the morning, or just watering the plants around the garden. 

I may suggest that write it down–a list of what to do, bullet everything that comes to mind, arrange it my according to your priority, I suggest that start by listing down the most important in your day like sending your loves ones on an airport or meeting a friend that you haven’t spoken for so long, to paying up your bills for the month. 

Its like doing routines everyday with a twist and the feel of being a new and changed person. Try it and share to a friend.