Role of Lighting in Creating a Stress-Free Environment in Offices

We Know that Tension and depression are two of the most common psychological disorders among people working in this era of millennia. In recent years, we have seen exceptional deviation in working culture, which have been accelerated with all the increasing responsibilities, changing needs, different types of work environments. There is a demand of work sentiment and a unique dedication is required to meet the required set of expectations of interested parties. However, the challenge for employers is to create a stress free working environment that allows for productivity and maximizes performance.

Role of light in Our daily functioning

Lighting is an important factor that affects our daily functioning. Since 21st century work environment is challenging and employees need to be cautious, it is mandatory to have adequate lighting to reduce stress and improve productivity. LED lights are optimal light solutions available for modern workbenches. Today, not only Fortune 500 companies, but has also upgraded its existing LED lighting solutions due to its many benefits in terms of energy efficiency, low maintenance cost, longevity and so much more. In addition to its known benefits, LED have some unique advantages that play an important role in enabling better work environments.

Reduces stress and fatigue

Unlike conventional lighting solutions, LED lights do not flicker and their advanced technology leads to continuous production. The offices employing such lighting practices maintain the environment for their employees. A study conducted by the Canadian Center for Occupational Safety and Health reveals how blinking in the eyelashes can lead to eye strain and headache, which can contribute to workplace errors.

Light plays an important role in modulation of heart rate and circadian cycles (biological phenomena occurring at regular intervals). Better office lighting will ensure better sleep and awakening cycle for your employees, which will improve productivity and reduce stress.

Benefits of a stress-free work environment

The way we experience our environment, color temperature plays an important role in it. Both the hot and cold voices have their own advantages and where they can be used. Hot color temperatures tend to be more relaxed, while cool color temperatures work best in active environments. In the workplace, it is compulsory to avoid light with warm colors to keep staff active. Research shows that the more light the light source will be, the better the productivity of the employees. However, it is necessary not to go too much towards the cold, because it can cause headache instead of looking at the balanced view of temperature of the color. LED are available in a range of color temperature Using adequate lighting in the workplace also increases the cognitive ability of the staff.

Modern offices are subject to strict rules and there is a highly secure environment. However, security can always be improved with different perspectives. Using LED lights guarantees safe environments. They are free of dangerous elements like mercury, lead and glass, which are abundant in conventional light solutions. LED lights are also safe and do not emit harmful UV rays which can damage sensitive body tissues.

One of the main reasons of office stress should be corrected by insufficient lighting, and restoring the LED light. Changes in the environment are obvious when switching to LED lights. Due to the highly efficient lighting solutions from the point of view of energy, they reduce operating costs and keep the workforce happy. If you want to create a stress-free environment in your office, you can check our payback calculator, which will show you how much you can save if you renew the LED lights. Take the technically advanced lighting solutions to change and reduce productivity and reduce costs.