Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the heart of any organization for its growth including the healthcare industry. Due to technology development, recent statistics proves that 70% of users look up health-related information through online. This proves that, online presence is necessary for all marketers who aim to grow their healthcare business. Let’s go through these top healthcare industry marketing strategies that you must use for your healthcare business to make it successful.

Email Marketing

Everyone in the marketing space knows email marketing is one of the powerful and efficient marketing channels that most of the businesses rely on when it comes to reaching targeted prospects and generating more leads. Email marketing can be used for different objectives based on various needs, especially when marketer’s target industry is healthcare. Scenting email continually is a must and good practice to keep healthcare professionals engage with the business brand. Across various industries, email marketing has achieved UN-measurable success due to its cost-effectiveness and its reach. However, few businesses get mess up with their first email marketing campaign due to lack of experience and understanding. Here are the few important email marketing tips for every marketer who about to start an email campaign for healthcare business.

  • Setting campaign goals

The email campaign without a goal can’t be measured and also can damage your brand. Therefore, healthcare marketers should understand the priority of setting goals for your email campaign by analyzing the requirement of business before getting started.

  • Identify Targeted Audience for your Business

From patients to medical devise manufactures, the healthcare industry has quite a variety of targets when compared to other industries that excite.  Depending on different types of a medical product, service and field specification, every business will have their own target audience. So, before starting an email campaign, marketers should identify and narrow down to whom the service should get reach. Most of the healthcare businesses define their audience based on demographics, geography, and behaviors.

  • Invest your time in building healthcare list

Once your audience is targeted and gets to know, to whom your product or service should get reach, the next thing every marketer need is data. You can build the list with your marketing skills or you can get a list from the trusted healthcare data provider which can be the instant solution and also you should be careful about the accuracy of the list, can avoid spam or incorrect address which will help your campaign to acquire good results.

  • Choose the email type

There are a variety of email campaign be like email newsletter, promotional emails, event invitation and announcement emails that marketers can send to their audience based on business requirements and goals.

  • Structure your Email Campaign

Structuring the campaign is one of the most important parts of email marketing. Structuring an email campaign includes a clear call to action button, images, attractive template design, catchy subject line, and relevant content will take prospects to the business website for further details.

Content Marketing

Almost every marketer knows that content is one of the powerful ways to describe the product or service and make the key prospects to get engaged with the business. Here are the few tips that bring your content alive and make the key prospects to get engage with your business.

  • Listen and Interact with your audience

The purpose of any marketing program is to get the key prospects and convert them into their customers. If you engage with an audience on social media or any other platform through your content, you can get to know the patients who are struggling with medical emergencies and also the customers who unsatisfied with your healthcare service or product that helps you to understand and implement better strategies in business.

  • Document the strategy

Documenting a content marketing strategy is one of the best practices that help you to set a baseline for success. Also, it allows you to share it with the hospital organization and explain the goals of your program.

  • Measure and report

As a marketer, you need to know that “Are people are reading and engaging with your content? “ Also, you need to measure the output of your content “return on investment” by analyzing increased hospitals lookup and booked appointments.

Social Media Marketing

Social media opens many opportunities for healthcare by its massive user engagement and also it allows businesses to built connections share and develop a business relationship with key prospects. Recent research proves that 70% to 75% of US consumers look over the internet for healthcare advice before visiting the hospital. Also, through social media, patients and manufacturers can develop a first impression of the hospital or physician before the meeting.

By engaging your business in the social media platform, a healthcare organization can help revitalize the word of mouth referrals and has the power to eliminate barriers by the lack of communication.

Mobile Marketing

In the healthcare industry, mobile marketing has shown its proven results through SMS, calls and various healthcare-related apps. So, before starting mobile marketing, the healthcare provider will first have to acquire the contact data (phone number) with the patient’s permission. Once marketers get data, they can connect patients through personal messages and can be used for Personal appointments, appointment reminders, and other need for personal communication. Mobile marketing allow marketers to target group of audience by using text blasts for updating health tips, appointment opening and more.

Also, mobile marketing has the ability to conquer b2b in healthcare through social media, emails, text message, etc… As a marketer we should understand 80% of people use their mobile to access the social media and emails. This allows manufacture to share their healthcare product videos and information that helps to find key prospects and make them engage with the business.


Marketing strategies are very important for any industry to run successful business campaigns. Online marketing will be one of the best platforms to increase b2b business customers due to its measurability and accurate targeting. Also, business can increase relevant customer base with less investment.