This career path is not for the faint of heart. It is filled with agony and ecstasy experiences. Ephemeral, real-time invitations to work. Equal in the pace of disengagement when short term. No guarantees except a mutual desire and respect to work with one another.

Meet, make deal and dive in!

To love a project/person/team so much that it breaks your heart to leave. Is something to yearn and cherish. Yes. It is worth the pain. Indifference is not an option!

I owe gratitude to the constant, never ending professional rejection of Lisa, by the traditional HR and employment agencies. This is what afforded me the privileged opportunity to be creative, fertile and constantly challenging my resilient inner core. My greatest triumphs in life have come from this life style choice.

The reaction I receive 99.9% of the time when people read my c.v. “you are a HR nightmare and not employable. What is your problem, can’t you keep a job? What did you do to alienate yourself with all those people that they could stand to be with you for one year? You are not marketable and I can’t help you. I don’t have time to read anything but the chronology. Whom you have worked for is of little significance. Longevity = success. This is the #1 criteria we use for discernment!


I come from an organic core that is acutely palpable where “I am giving to them not the other way around “what can and will you do for my career”. Your career does not need to be in service to imbed this philosophy. To the contrary. It can be pragmatic, cerebral, financial or scientific to use this thought. It is an ethereal place to be inside yourself, not necessarily with words. Your state of being will come through in your posture, tone of your voice and the way you evoke yourself in a normal conversation.

How? With acute, unwavering and vigilant self-esteem. Tenacity, discipline, audacity and an unshakable moral compass. A strong sense of self and purpose. (these are qualities and characteristics that you can strengthen with intent and fortitude). I am a person of service, albeit, in many maturations. I derive my greatness and salvation by quietly, discreetly being behind the scenes organizing producing and assisting. I had no traditional career goals only a sense of purpose and worth of myself. Money and title have never been a motivator nor validate my self-worth. FYI. I have to work to survive this is not an avocation it is economic survival.

Career Highlights that made me both distinctly marketable and un hirable:

· Oval Office President United States age 19.

· Hollywood 12 years. Eight of these years I was a personal assistant. I had (8) jobs in eight years with the biggest and most powerful people in town. The last (4) years I was an archivist for a movie studio after being promoted by the head of the studio.

· New York (20) years. A dual personal organizer/personal assistant, manager of a premiere ancient antiquities gallery, an event planner, writer and coach.

*Please note. New prejudices I am facing. I have had basically the same title my entire career. This is off putting and un attractive to many. Particularly at my age. They see this role as one for someone youthful. They fail to behold the pith and prestige of whom I have worked for and do not hold in esteem the wisdom that I have learned. Yes, I want to be a positive example. Reshape how people see this title and break the type casting of this role.

How to convince people you are a worthy candidate and employee despite the fact that you have a series of short term jobs.

Interview process and rejection in person: How to make this work for you.

You have already been rejected. What do you have to lose? Ask for two minutes to express your worth to them. Help them see why it is in their best interest to take a chance with you. You have power here that you are not optimizing. Getting the extra time means you win. It means you come out of the meeting with something tangible. You spoke up for yourself. Gave yourself permission to be assertive in the very best and healthy meaning of this word.

This should be seen as an invaluable practice and rehearsal. If you chose to look at the process being where you have the most power and control vs the outcome. When you meet the right employer/HR person and connect; you will be more in your element than ever before. This is what it means to feel comfortable where ever you go. If you are restful (secure and confident inside) then the person will be ready to see, witness, hear and invite you into the company.

Reality Check:

Do I want to ever interview or pitch myself again? No. Do I have a choice no. What are my options and where should I dwell professionally. If I want to continue working in these ways. I can use each meeting and interview as an audition to stretch my sinews. I can go in a as a seasoned virgin with a beginner’s mind. Not give away my power by letting them crush my self-esteem because they don’t want me. I can come out of the meeting with feeling proud and actualized in how I interviewed. What did I learn and how can I be more actualized next time. — If you leave with these thoughts inside your inner core then you will be resilient. I use every waken moment to hone my wisdom.

Be open minded, malleable, fluid, spontaneous and a chameleon. Most importantly. Please do not allow anyone to take away your efficacy and ability to be transcendent in how you see yourself professionally.

Was this career choice worth it. Yes. Do I now want financial continuity and a consistent pay check? Yes. I am in the process of producing a balance of it all.

Broken – Wide – Open


  • Lisa Krohn

    GhostWriter, Researcher & Writer

    Presently, Lisa is Creative Research Assistant Robbins Research International. A dedicated and discreet professional known for demonstrating integrity and grace under pressure. Lisa is a creative problem solver, a detail-oriented and imaginative project manager who can establish order from chaos. Lisa is devoted to organizing and producing clarity in people's lives. She has a proven track record of success in achieving client goals with legendary entrepreneurs, thought leaders, individuals, couples, executives, high-net-worth families, and people from all walks of life. Lisa is a leading personal assistant and personal organizer. She brings unique experience as a Hollywood archivist, event planner, manager of a preeminent European antiquities gallery, and executive/personal assistant to entertainment executives and entrepreneurs on both coasts. Lisa has worked as a Communications Outreach Strategist for the nonprofit, with Brando Crespi, an internationally acclaimed environmental strategist,, General Peter B. Zwack, Co-Founder and former Google Entrepreneur in Residence Vivian Rosenthal, Buddhist scholar Robert A.F. Thurman, visionary Byron Katie, renowned spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Jim Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery. She has also served as the personal executive assistant to Martha Stewart, Peter Guber, Steve Tisch, Wendy Finerman, Dawn Steel, Don Simpson, and Jerry Bruckheimer, and the general counsel of USA Networks. Lisa spent four years creating and producing Columbia Pictures' Archival Department The Wall Street Journal published a feature profile on Lisa, focusing on her personal organizing business. Quest magazine has recognized her as one of NYC's premier personal organizers. Back east, Lisa was Manager of Phoenix Ancient Art and co-produced Harry Evans' celebrated book party events at Random House. Lisa has cultivated special project relationships with prestigious five-star hotel concierges. She is a contributing writer at Contact: Lisa Krohn +1.917.856.1234 [email protected] Summer 2023