When I was a child I knew I was here to do big things, I felt different and somewhat special.
But when I reached 25 I knew my life wasn’t the one I was supposed to be living. For starters, I wasn’t enjoying living it and I didn’t like myself nor my actions. I’d fallen out of love with myself and with life.
Internally I felt in knots and really quite disappointed with the person I had become… I had a drug and alcohol problem that acted as a distraction and a way to escape.
I was 14 pounds overweight. I hated my job with a passion. I was single and lonely; sleeping around to get connection. I was suffering with bouts of depression.
Nothing excited me, I was going the wrong way.

A spiritual awakening at 28 showed me there was so much more to life than I could see and this really woke me up.
This started me off on the self development trail. I read book after book, I could not get enough. I got given the name ‘Self-Help Queen’ by my work colleagues as I always had a book in my hand. I had finally found something I loved doing; self development. Slowly I went towards the things that I really enjoyed and truly had a passion for. I had the courage to leave my toxic work place and toxic friends and surround myself with more positive people.

At 32 I got another piece of the puzzle and started listening to my soul, my life changed forever. I finally started listening to my inner voice. I decided to trust it and this was the beginning of something truly AMAZING.

It’s taken me 15 years to turn things around and I want to share with you what I’ve learnt so you can fast track the process.
My ‘Do Your Dharma’ course is the culmination of all of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt to enable me too:
Find my soulmate; a man I can grow old with and evolve with. A lover, a friend and my reason for being. Be financially free; To live in my dream house; a million pound barn conversion.
To structure my day so I do what I love; go to the gym first thing and then work when suits me.
To Co Create a global non profit organisation with members from 15 countries, all doing transformation work.To have a soul family that lifts me up and supports me in everything I do.

Three months after founding The Kitty Talks podcast, I knew I needed to create the course but it felt too big and too scary, I had crippling thought such as “who am I to do that?”. But slowly and surely the pieces of the course filtered through and I felt confident the content would serve others. I’ve now interviewed over 100 thought leaders. I’ve taken the information I’ve learnt from them and my own knowledge and distilled it into an 8 week online course.

Dharma means the path or right action. Right action is the action which is of maximum benefit to the individual and the entire creation at the same time. When we do our dharma, and do what we came to this life for, it flows. Life becomes enjoyable, synchronicities become the norm. When you’re going the right direction in life, life rewards you, your soul knows the way. Always.
There are some simple techniques and principles that I’ve uncovered that can get you on the right path quickly. The life you dream of is out there waiting for you!

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