Hey! Vivien here.

Just closed a deal to promote my client on a platform with 440,000 moms across Asia. Broke my own personal record with largest deal I’ve done! They are helping us to promote online — for free!

How did I do that?

Remember those skills we talked about when we met? The 3 ways to sell anything to anyone?

Yep! I used those skills! No joke man.

‘But how did you REALLY do it?’

Seriously, it’s mainly 3 skills. But the OFFER we give them was an irresistible offer.

In entrepreneur community, this offer goes by the name ‘ bait’ ‘ lead magnet’…

Whatever it is, it just means an offer that people cannot refuse.

What we did was learning that they usually have tiny giveaways only. Like $100hkd supermarket coupons. Then I took a bold guess — no one, even for sponsoring companies, gave them free stuff to their readers. If readers get free stuff, the company gains visibility. The more visibility the company gets, the more leads they get in the future, the more valuable is their company.

We structured the deal, pitching them the idea above. Also, by knowing their need, we told them we can help them gain visibility and get more clients ( ka-ching!)

This was our door opener. Once we start building a relationship with them through this, there’s many more opportunities to work with them. Same for e-commerce. Same for selling Online courses. Same for selling anything!

Think about what the person wants and give it to them on a silver platter. Do your research. Sell them using the skills I taught you.

Note: sounds sneaky and afraid people will look right through you? Of course they do! They are not stupid. The point is, everyone knows if you give, they have to offer something. Then again, even with this offer, some people may even say no. That’s ok, just keep tweaking your offer and keep on reaching out to more people to layout the irresistible offer!

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