Keep your work and think about your credibility as an asset!

You can hike and make more money, but you can never get your credibility back. So the first thing is to know the power of your word because that’s your substance in a world of instant gurus. Keep your own words then also accept this from other people!

“My word is more important than my bank account.” Steve Sims

The ROI of relationships – Why your wealth and health is related to the people you know

Your wealth and health are in a direct relationship with the people that you know and trust! It is about really knowing and trusting people. People think that just because they went to a network and event and they’ve got a business card that person’s now a friend, no, it’s not. It could become a friend, but if you do nothing with it for a week or two weeks, a month, they’ve forgotten who you are. So focus on how can a relationship benefit you? How can it benefit the other person? If you’re just getting something from the other person and not bringing anything to the party, then that’s the transaction. And it’s a dead relationship! So focus on how you can actually turn up, how you can bring value to a relationship, how you can engage people that you’ve never met before, and actually have them want you to stick around.

Why technology is overrated and what really counts are conversations with human beings!

We had no technology in the eighties. If we wanted to connect with someone, we did a few things. We phoned them or we turned up on their doorstep and we’ve all come from a period where we would knock on the door of someone and go, Hey, can I have a few seconds?

We’ve all done that. Of course. People are scared now even phone somebody. So they send a text, they send an email, they send a link in messenger or something like that. And when the person hasn’t met it, because guess what? They’re busy and they don’t know you. They’re like, Oh yeah, I’ve reached out. So if you go back to the eighties and forget all the technology that you’ve got and actually reach out to actually have a purposeful point of communication with someone that can surprise people if you actually show up on their doorstep, because you care about them doing something.

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