What is the first image that comes into mind when you think of Peace? How would you create Peace? Who does it involve? Where shall it take place?

My mind started rotating around the concept of Peace, mostly because it sounds a big word that en-globes many meanings, and partly because I work for an International Organization whose’s mandate is exactly to Instill/Build Peace in the Minds of Women and Men, Globally. Given the world-wide reach & extension of the word and its actions, I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly.

Firstly, I watched the documentary Peace One Day (highly-recommended), where the author, Jeremy Gilley, takes us on a world tour, filming-step by step- his battle for having a Global Ceasefire Day recognized precisely on 21 September of each year (21 as we are in the XXI Century- Editor’s Note) when the World would stop fire, violence and tensions and observe this day, as a Global Symbol for the Hopeful Continuation of Peace. A United Nations General Assembly Resolution was already in place for the Celebration of an “International Day of Peace” (A/RES/36/67) dated 30 November 1981, declaring 

“The third Tuesday of September, the opening day of the regular session of the General Assembly, shall be officially dedicated and observed as the International Day of Peace and shall be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples” 

but Jeremy wanted to have it on 21 September of each year. His stubbornness and determination paid off.

My take-aways from the documentary were basically four: keep the Dialogue on, be Open, Be determined and Be a Realist Dreamer.

After watching the documentary, I started reflecting on my idea of Peace, combined with Happiness I would admit.

These were my ideas, all scattered but comprehensible, in an image collage:

As you see, I see Peace & Happiness in the company of Friends & Celebrating Friends, in Traveling, in dancing & acting, in enjoying Music and singing myself, in Swimming and in Writing, Inspire or Getting Inspired by others.

Moreover, I am a huge fan of God, and a firm believer, which I so deeply believe that religion keep my Heart firm, straight and stable, in my moving & dancing life.

After my ideas and considerations about Peace and Happiness, I then decided to ask the questions to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers to me at first.

At the question: “What does Peace mean to you, and How would you translate it in practice in your surroundings?” the majority of the answers revolved around the importance of Educating People, so that they do not fall in the trap of powerful leaders, who can easily control and manipulate their life decisions. I could not agree more.

When asking my friends back in Europe, the responses I got mostly involved Taking a Break from the Hyper-Interconnected Global Technological World– by enrolling in yoga and meditation classes, by isolating in far-away places- where no internet connection is available, or- drastically opposite- going to party in some fancy seaside places and beaches, with drinks involved-from day to night.

Interesting perspectives about Peace, right? 

Living in two opposite hemispheres really make you see the diversity of the cultural points of view, the life priorities and the idea of our existence. One hopes for now post-election violence & war, the other cannot wait to leave everyone and reconnect with her/her bodies & souls.

By listening to all the answers, an ever-lasting painting by Paul Gaugin comes into my mind: D’où Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Où Allons Nous- Where do we Come From? What are We? Where are We going? (1897-1898 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston)

The basic existential question is the source of all my searches. 

I understood that there is no right or wrong by living or answering differently to the idea and the practicality of Peace, it just depends on the history, conditions, dynamics of the territory and country/regional and also personal experiences.

Embracing Diversity and Continuing to Dialogue are definitely two pillars of a constant search for the perfect wave of living and balancing a good life. I am also taking, these days, a good quote by Aretha Franklin, which states that “Sometimes what you are looking for is already there”. I could not agree more, again.

Maybe Life and Peace are all about the simple human condition of loving yourself and loving others, and respecting yourself and respecting others. If the world would follow this simple rule, there would be no hatred, no violence and no war, just understanding diversity, listening and learning from your life experience and from others, and just be joyful to be living in the universe and breathing life everyday.

Reconnecting with religion ( which can cause discrepancies and frictions, but which can also have an immense power and potential for great unions) think about this:

No one of us asked for living on this planet. We just happen to be here. Therefore, as John loved us, for the way we are, without considering any internal or external circumstances, this way I think we should be treating each other, without interests, without prejudices, just the way we simply are. Human Beings sharing the Planet.

Let your Journey and the ones of Other People surrounding you Be Grateful and Joyful. With the Peace and Calm in our Hearts first.

Four songs to end & to open question to all of you: What does Peace mean to you, and how to practically translate it in our daily actions? I am wishing you an International Day of Peace, believing more in yourself and in other people.

When you are trying to answer some questions & you do not know the answer:

That’s the Way it is- Céline Dion (please do not lose Faith in Life!) 

Pills of Wisdom everyday: The Sunscreen Song- Baz Luhrmann

When you are angry: Let it be- The Beatles

To reconnect with your soul, and to wish everybody well: I say a little prayer- Aretha Franklin

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