We usually think of blogging as a free and easy way for anyone to share their thoughts and experiences online. 

Blogs became an outlet for one’s personal thoughts and knowledge. And soon, businesses realized that blogging was a powerful tool to help them grow online. Today, blogging allows individuals to share their expertise and it helps businesses grow by driving traffic to their websites. 

But there’s another compelling reason to start blogging – it’s to create accountability and achieve your goals in life. 

Blogging, when used correctly, can be a personal development tool. Do you want to know how? Keep reading on. 

Clarify your goals

Building a blog around your goals will help you think about what you want to do more. When it’s time to choose a blog name, come up with topics, or write a ‘what this blog is about’ statement, you realize that you need to give your goals a good think. 

Start planning your blog and the posts you’ll write. As you work on your content, you’ll be able to clarify what your goals are. This clarity will open up actionable paths that you can take far more easily. 

Create accountability by sharing your blog

One reason why we fail to achieve our goals is because we keep them to ourselves. When we’re accountable only to ourselves, we can let our goals drop. 

It is far more difficult to procrastinate and come up with excuses when you create a blog and share your goals with the world. 

Once you’ve set up a blog and added content to it, be sure to ask your friends to visit your website. Share what you’re doing on social media. When you do this and realize that people are aware of your intentions, you’ll be driven to meet your goals due to the self-imposed social pressure. 

Create motivation for yourself and others

When you write blog posts with updates on your progress, you create a source of inspiration. You motivate yourself since you’re seeing your thoughts and plans in black and white. 

And your personal stories can actually motivate others. Sharing your wins and struggles via a blog can inspire other people to also go on their own personal development journeys. Your audience will also cheer you on and support you through difficult times and successes when you share them with others.

Track your progress

You ought to track your progress not only to keep moving forward but to also look back and understand how far you’ve come.

One reason we get so demotivated when we’re trying to achieve our goals is that we keep raising the bar every time we get to one of our objectives.

Writing and reading your blog posts can help you realize the kind of changes you’ve made. You also create a helpful source of information and inspiration where people can look at your journey to learn how to do meet their own goals affectively.

Back to you

Using a blog is a powerful way to grow yourself. And fortunately, it’s easy and intuitive to create one today easily. 

I use blogging to motivate myself to make positive changes in my life. Especially to follow up on goals that are challenging. I’m currently focusing on becoming more comfortable with doing social media videos

In the past, I’ve had great success meeting my health and fitness goals by creating 30-day challenges and documenting my activities online. 

Creating public accountability ensures that your goal never leaves your mind. Start your blog today and you’ll be sure to make quick progress in what matters to you in life.