Today’s fast-paced world and high demands on our time and attention can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home parent, entrepreneur, executive or student. Life’s a juggle.

We’re groomed to neglect ourselves and our space when things are hectic — meals are readily available to eat on the go, we juggle schedules and work wherever we are via smart phones or other devices. Two-in-one beauty products exist to shave off time in the shower.

But it is possible to create a sense of calm in all of this chaos.

All it takes is a little tactical strategy, a few well-chosen products, and a handful of additions to your daily habits. It’s a field-tested, battle-hardened approach that works.

Infuse small details into your experience. It takes two seconds to pick up fresh flowers while you’re grocery shopping, and a few seconds every few days to trim their stems and swap fresh water to make them last. But, this little addition to your day-to-day can create a surprisingly calm effect. Not just with the pop of color in the house, but aroma and beauty as well.

A candle that you light at the start of the day or when you’re winding down after dinner can have a similar effect. Be cautious to ensure whatever you use has all-natural ingredients including the wick and wax.

A pretty room spray is a third favorite way to add an element to the experience. Essential oil options can be found online if you prefer something natural. Walk through your space in the morning or evening and spray as generously as you’d like — you can even do it while on your mid-day conference call if you’re working from home.

These small steps might seem silly but they really can work.

Comfort counts. It can be so easy to default to discomfort when you’re frazzled — just think of all the times your back hurts from sitting too long, or when you’ve neglected some aspect of your self or your experience because you’re juggling a lot.

Pick something that brings comfort in the mix — it can be a cozy cardigan sweater you keep on the back of your chair, or a soft throw on the edge of the sofa when you’re winding down at night.

This can also apply to those who are in the car for a commute or carpool. A pretty wrap or pashmina in a plush fabric kept in your handbag or tote can bring comfort when on the go.

Make it stylish. Something pretty never fails to improve the world we’re in. Nature is certainly proof of this. Pick up a chic coffee mug that can double for water, tea or other beverages during your workday chaos. Or, if you’re a mom constantly on the go, make it a travel option.

Executives and entrepreneurs grab for pens and paper all the time — high quality, fashionable agendas, pens, calendars, or planners bring a visual into the mix that can have a calming effect.

A cool handbag, great jacket, etc. — virtually anything can work. You may not be cognizant of it’s effect, but the visual element can make whatever you’re doing feel special, and that can chill out even the most stressful environment.

Just think about anytime you’ve walked into a spa, gorgeous hotel, or amazing restaurant. It felt that way in part due to the little details brought into the mix — and that same strategy can work in your world, no matter where you are.

The great thing about these tactics are they’re simple, scalable, and easy to do. Not quite the same as a ten-day vacation or afternoon getting a massage, but even these little steps can help.

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