New Year- New Resolutions Pressure

With each new year coming, we dream of starting afresh, making lots of changes to our lives and secretly hope for a better year than the last. We know this often leads to doomed ‘new year resolutions’ – putting too much pressure on ourselves and making plans way too ‘wishy washy’ which never materialize.

How To Create The Year Of Your Dreams: 2018 In 5 Easy Steps

By following these 5 easy yet powerful steps, you can create a life of your dreams at any given point and will see immediate results. Be authentic and put your passion, love and energy into the steps.

1. Practise Gratitude

Practice daily gratitude as this is the key springboard to any life dream and goal. By accepting and acknowledging what you have, you will focus your mind on the smallest details of your life that you can be grateful for. Your mind not only start appreciating what you have, it also opens up for bigger and better. Invest in a notebook that will inspire you to write your daily gratitude and keep it with you during the day and pick a time during the day that suit you to do it. Repeat this day after day. The transformation will be pretty immediate and you will notice when you ’slip’.

TOP TIP: Watch this one, it can become quite addictive once you start!

2. Visualise

Most of the time we think we know what we want, when in reality we actually do not have a clear idea. Create a vision board for specific areas of your life (business, love, health, home…) and be very detailed in each vision board. The more detailed, the clearer it will get.

A vision board can be on a large poster size paper, clipping, gluing and attaching ‘visions’, some people prefer to do it digitally on Pinterest for example. Having your vision board pinned on a wall at home or on your screen saver will be a daily reminder of your vision. Revisit your vision board periodically, as dreams and visions will change and evolve.

TOP TIP: Don’t be put off by the magnitude of creating vision boards for all aspect of your life, it is worth it, you will be amazed by your visions materializing in front of your very eyes!

3. Take Actions

Lack of action taking is probably the biggest reason why most of us do not get to our dreams. It seems pretty obvious but how many times have you thought you wanted something or someone, and when you look back, realize you had taken NO actions to get it? Writing up to do list, ticking things off vision boards, being clear of the actions and their deadlines, and sharing your thought process with a friend or a coach in order to stay accountable are all tips that can help you become an action person.

TOP TIP: The more actions, the more opportunities – be active rather than reactive. You will get a lot of energy out of this and this will be contagious!

4. Step out of your comfort zone

‘What doesn’t kill us make us stronger’. You have heard that sentence yet you might still be ‘blocked’ about some areas of your life.

Are you avoiding tasks that make you uncomfortable, are you delegating so you do not have to face up? Are you postponing and procrastinating? That was yesterday. As of today, a key to getting to your dream is to face the fear and do it anyway. And a way to do this, is to just ‘do’. Start with one task you have been putting off and do it.

TOP TIP: The feeling of doing something for the first time, the energy from having accomplished something you have been putting off is second to none and will transform your confidence to a different level. You will get on a ‘roll’ which is hard to stop once you are on it!

5. Reach out

Hire the experts, get the right training and most importantly network. You can do the work by yourself or you can catapult yourself into the life of your dreams by making the right connections and getting the support needed. You can go to the gym and get ok results or you can hire a personal trainer, set specific targets, get the support, knowledge and encouragement you need to totally transform your fitness level and make total transformations. The same goes for all areas of your life! Networking is also key to get your confidence, and to your expansion.

TOP TIP: Start today, reach out to 2 new people every day- use social media as your tool, either on FB, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Engage and open up. Look at hiring experts in fields you need help with, go with your instinct when signing up to someone.

How will you create the year of your dreams? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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