Manifestation is a concept that has been around for decades, however it’s only within the last few years that it has become a trending topic. With more and more people practicing the art of manifestation, and raving about how it’s brought them success in all areas of their lives, it’s natural to be a little bit sceptical. After all, if it was as easy as it sounds wouldn’t everyone be living their dream life?

Unfortunately, manifestation requires a little more than just daydreaming about the day you’re able to just sit on a beach and be brought an endless supply of food and cocktails with the funky umbrellas. It is, however, far from impossible to achieve. The reason so many fail to manifest their dream life is simply because they don’t have a thorough understanding of the practice.  

Are you still wondering what all the fuss about manifestation is? Is it something you’re sure you’re implementing but it’s just not happening? For Juliette Kristine, these are perceptions she encounters all the time.  An award-winning manifestation coach for female entrepreneurs, Juliette has a natural ability to uncover what is blocking her clients manifestations and she uses that knowledge to quickly guide them into a state of clarity and alignment so they can then easily attract what they want.  This special skill has seen her attract many high profile clients from Forbes 30 under 30, CEO’s, Successful Music Producers, and Multi 6 Figure Coaches all desiring to reach their next level of success with greater ease. 

Manifestation is so much more than just wishful thinking.  It is consciously choosing who you are going to be this day, and every day from now on. It’s acknowledging that your thoughts can influence your feelings, which in turn influence your actions, and co-creates your life. Juliette teaches her clients how to implement this school of thought, and use it to their advantage. With her guidance, many of Juliette’s clients have seen massive success in the form of $35K in business opportunities, TV appearances, celebrity engagements, $250K salaries, $18K big name clients, their soulmate, pregnancies, weight loss and more. 

“Manifestation can teach you some amazing things, including the joy of being more connected to your higher self and intuition,” says Juliette. “I work with clients not by pushing and striving, but by finding inner-alignment and surrendering to it,” she says. 

What many people do not understand when first beginning the practice of manifestation, is that our desires do not manifest out of need. “The very reason your desires haven’t manifested yet, isn’t because you’re not trying hard enough, but because you’re unable to let go and allow them to materialise,” says Juliette, “you cannot be in ‘need’ of something and have it show up in your experience, because that very ‘need’ creates a sense of lack within you, which actually pushes what you want away from you.”

As well as working privately with clients, Juliette also has an online manifesting course, The Surrender Approach that teaches her step-by-step framework for manifesting what you want and has students around the world raving about its results. “My journey with manifesting started when I was just 14 years old when I began immersing myself in spirituality,” Juliette says. “I’m a manifestation coach who walks my talk. I’ve manifested more than just parking spots. I’ve used my skills to attract everything from free round-the-world business-class flights, my soulmate, a fully booked coaching business, my dream home, a 6-month move to Bali, my pregnancy, media appearances, high profile clients and more,” she exclaims. Because of her success, Juliette also works with future manifestation coaches, who want to learn her secrets and create their own thriving businesses. 

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