The onset of winter poses unique stressors to our bodies and our minds — yet, instead of focusing on the challenges of the season, we can shift our mindsets to consider its advantages. If it’s cold outside, that means more opportunities to lean into all things warm and cozy. And if you’re spending more time at home, as so many of us are, you probably have a little more time to create a pre-bedtime routine that helps you transition to sleep with less stress and more calm. Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect winter sleep routine.

Take a hot bath or shower before you go to sleep. 

Treat your transition to sleep as a sacrosanct ritual. A bath or shower eases the transition and helps you symbolically wash the day away.

Sip chamomile or lavender tea to ease yourself into sleep mode. 

Drinking something warm and comforting can put you in a calm frame of mind and help you shed your stubborn daytime worries.

Read a book in bed.

Instead of a tablet, which gives off blue light and often has your emails and other problems on it, try a physical book or e-reader that has nothing to do with work (reach for a novel, biography, book of poetry or spirituality).


  • Jessica Hicks

    Managing Editor at Thrive

    Jessica Hicks is a managing editor at Thrive. She graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in journalism, sociology, and anthropology, and is passionate about using storytelling to ignite positive change in the lives of others.