“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29

Vision boards have become quite the “it thing” in the past decade thanks to authors like Rhonda Byrne, icons like Oprah Winfrey, and philosophers like Neville Goddard and Reverend Ike. Around this time of year, you can easily scroll down your timeline and see others hosting vision board parties, creating vision journals, and even selling you on manifestation courses.
So you may be wondering what’s all the hype? Well, in this article I’m giving you the game and breaking down the steps to help you create your own vision board and manifest your goals in 2021 and beyond.

“If you don’t program your subconscious mind, someone else will do it for you!” – Reverend Ike

Vision Boards are more than just boards with random images from magazines. When done right, they are used as a tool to help program your subconscious mind and make you a magnet for the things that you desire. With the help of vision boards and setting clear intentions, you can impress your subconscious mind to focus on your desired outcomes, and ultimately attract more of what you want from life​.
Before you get started on creating a vision board, it’s important that you set your intentions. Here some are quick tips to help ​you get started as you create and commit to​ your new vision:
1) Decide what you want.


​If you aren’t specific with what you want, how will you manifest the life of your dreams? There’s a saying that goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up someplace else. That’s because an indecisive mind has no definitive aim and, therefore, can lead you on all kinds of adventures. But if you are certain and clear on what you intend to create, you will have the discernment necessary to know when you’re on or off the path of your desires.  
2) Trust that you are supported by the Divine Creator (God, The Universe, and life itself).


​God and the Universe have your back and are always conspiring in your favor.​ You must condition your mind to believe that this is true, even when your senses tell you otherwise. If you ever need to draw inspiration for how to do this, think about every time something worked out for you with little to no effort from you. Those events transpired because in life we are always being shown up for, and especially so when we learn to trust the processes of life. 
3) See it, speak it, and feel it into existence.


In order to be, do, and have the life that you want you must first see yourself being, doing, and having what you say you want. You cannot have what you don’t believe is possible for you. If you don’t allow yourself the space to visualize the life you want, then subconsciously, you won’t allow yourself to receive the life you want. There is something powerful about the spoken word. When spoken with conviction, it evokes emotion, which is energy in motion. Even if you don’t fully believe in your dreams, the more you speak it, the more you will begin to believe and feel that it is true.

4) Don’t focus on what you see, focus on what you want!

Where your energy goes, manifestation flows. This is why it’s so important to not only focus on what you want but to take action towards what you want. If you want a new car, go test drive the exact make and model. If you want a new house, start preparing your credit and looking into home buying programs. If you want that cute guy/girl on your arm, start becoming the person that it will take to get and keep them or someone better. It takes a lot of energy to pine over the things that you don’t have or all of the things that you can’t do. But I want to challenge you to start where you are and to use what you have. You’d be amazed at how well you can prepare yourself to receive the things you’ve always wanted when you zone in on what it is you truly want.

5) Be Optimistic
If you want to attract good, you have to train your mind to ​think good feeling thoughts. With an optimistic mind, you will attract more positive experiences. And if you’re anything like me when I first started, you may need a little help with this. One technique that helps me remain optimistic is focusing on everything that I am already grateful for in my life. It may seem irrelevant, but gratitude places you in an emotional state that cannot welcome negativity, and therefore, must return to you as good. 
6) Believe that you are already THE ONE. 
Sometimes what we want doesn’t always manifest when we want it to. And it’s usually because we have to become something or someone greater. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will take a long time. In fact, becoming something/someone greater is less about time and all about putting yourself in a state of being the one. One of my favorite teachers on this subject is Neville Goddard and he often lectured about “feeling yourself into a state.” This means showing up as the person you wish to be once your wish is fulfilled. You can learn more about this here. But the overall lesson is, you won’t manifest and keep anything that you aren’t truly prepared to have. Remember, all things happen in the fullness of time, but that time can be condensed if you can focus your mind. (*bars!) 

Creating​ your vision board 

Now, that I’ve got your attention focused in the right place, here are the materials and steps you’ll need to take to map out your vision.
Materials: scissors, magazines, a poster board, pictures, stickers, markers, and glue sticks. (optional: any other decorative scrapbook materials for those who like to get super creative)
Step 1: ​

Cut out images and phrases that symbolize the life and feeling that you want to create. Organize them as you please before gluing them onto your vision board. You can even add some scripting (handwritten inspirational words or declarative statements) and other decorative items to your liking.

​Step 2: ​

Place your vision board in a place where you can see it often. This can be on a wall, in your closet, or (if you’re a little more protective of your dreams, like me) in your Vision Book Journal (which you can purchase at *shameless plug*) Revisiting it will help remind you of what your intentions are and keep you focused in the right direction.

​Step 3:​ Finally, be sure to follow tips 2 through 6 above as you take bold action towards your dreams.
*Disclaimer: Vision Boards are not indefinite fixtures. They can be modified at any time because you are allowed to change your mind. We are ever-evolving beings and when we change sometimes so do our visions.
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