Like most anything you try to achieve in life, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you’ll need to have the right mindset.

We all possess unique gifts and talents, strengths and weaknesses, and valuable skills that can help us achieve great things. However, even with an arsenal full of potential, what often inhibits us is not having an appropriate mindset. 

Your mindset determines how you think, and how you think determines what actions you take—or do not take. In other words, your mindset is foundational to your success as an entrepreneur.

When you possess an entrepreneurial mindset you’ll tend to:

  • have compelling goals that keep you focused, motivated, and highly engaged.
  • have an optimistic outlook on challenges and see problems as potential opportunities.
  • believe in your ability to succeed and influence your own outcomes, and are empowered by taking ownership of your own life.
  • be a seeker of knowledge and approach obstacles as learning opportunities.
  • intentionally surround yourself with a community of people who can offer guidance and be a positive influence.
  • have an understanding that value can be created by solving problems for others.

Successful entrepreneurs are often viewed as exceptional individuals who were born with certain traits that propelled them to the top. While it’s possible there may be a few rare exceptions, this is definitely not the rule. An entrepreneurial mindset is most often an acquired state, developed and enhanced through experience.

Here are five tips to help you cultivate and sustain an entrepreneurial mindset:

  1. Revisit Your Vision Daily

 A huge part of being an entrepreneur is being fully committed to a very narrow vision. I don’t mean that you should be narrow-minded, but rather be laser-focused on exactly what you’re working to accomplish, and why you want to accomplish it. It’s easy to become distracted with problem-solving and responsibilities and lose sight of what you’re working to accomplish. This is why you should take a few moments every day to recalibrate your focus.

2. Stay Action-oriented and Provide Value

Entrepreneurs are typically doing one of two things: thinking about their vision, or implementing their vision. You have self-discipline and are continually reaching for your goals. A key attribute of an entrepreneur is providing value, which means you’re on a continuing quest to help your customers in some way, or improve upon how you serve them.

By staying action-oriented and continually looking for ways to provide value, you’re putting the entrepreneurial mindset into practice.

3. Continue to Embrace Risk

You wouldn’t have become an entrepreneur in the first place if you were afraid to take risks. You already understand that life seldom offers iron-clad guarantees and every reward comes attached to an element of risk. Keep that spirit alive by continuing to challenge yourself by trying and learning new ways of doing things. Expand your goals and reach for heights you may have previously shied away from.

4. Hang Out With Other Entrepreneurs

One of the most influential factors in your life are the people you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with negative people who lack self-confidence and are afraid of change, their outlook will begin to rub off on you. The good news is that the opposite is also true. When you surround yourself with highly-motivated and successful entrepreneurs, their outlook will influence you to behave in a similar fashion. Seek out friends and mentors with whom you can build mutually beneficial relationships.

5. Keep Learning

The most successful entrepreneurs readily admit that they don’t know everything, and they never will. With that in mind, a key component of your continued success is to never stop pursuing knowledge and new ideas. Make personal development part of your lifestyle and continue to sharpen your skills.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a destination, it’s a way of life. It takes effort to cultivate a mindset that will not only help you succeed, but also keep you happy and fulfilled. When you feel the fire begin to wane, use these tips to reignite your drive and passion.