Whether you are handsome, beautiful or not, it doesn’t matter. At some point you will have someone that will fall for you. And its not a crime you not loving them back. It is really normal. But how you deal with them will either give you peace or misery. Also it will determine whether you hurt the other person or not. The ball is in your hand. But how do you deal with this????

In 2016, while at a friends birthday party i met a one Joanna (not real names). She was a very beautiful, brown hardworking woman in her mid twenties. 

At that party, I was among those that made speeches and guess what, everyone was moved by the kind words I spoke about my friend and among these was Joanna. (You know I’m a humorous person).

So it happened when I we queued to get food. A voice from behind me was heard. “Hi Denis? I replied Hi.! How are you? Well I’m good. I loved your speech. She noted. And the conversation went on until departure time when we exchanged contacts.

From there onwards, we became good friends until one day when things started to change.

Joanna had fallen in love with me. I didn’t notice in the beginning though. When the signs persisted, I decided to open up to her. This was when she asked me about my love life. I told her I wasn’t interested in love given the previous heartbreaks I’d been involved with. But this didn’t stop her. She kept trying.

What I regret is giving her my time. I realized that it was me that gave her the opportunity to keep trying even when I felt nothing for her.

I wasn’t comfortable but I endured. In the end I hurt her. I hurt her feelings. But I felt nothing because I thought I had played my part by telling her how I wasn’t ready for any relationship soon.

But one thing I realized is that Instead of ignoring someone you’re just not that into, try…being up front and honest with them.

Personally i am guilty of ignoring calls and messages from someone I went on a date with once I realized that we didn’t have a connection.

I have also had my messages ignored by someone who I was really into. Infact I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a blow to the ego.

But Along the way, I have learned to lay my cards out on the table if things just don’t seem to click.

Generally speaking, the other person will be grateful for the honesty and your conscience will thank you for avoiding the added guilt.

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about the awkwardness that ensues the next time the two of you run into each other in a public place.