This world is a stressful place to live in. And who would know this better than the millennials? The everyday stress along with all the anxiety can deteriorate both mental and physical health of an individual. Therefore, one should not consider the challenges that Millennials face as something insignificant. Rather they should be helped and guided about ways on how to deal with anxiety. It is quite easy and doable.

But let’s first find out what are all the things (almost) that can contribute towards stress and anxiety. Then we shall go over ways to overcome them.

What Keeps the Millennials Stressed and Anxious?

Bad Sleep Habits

One reason for all the stress is the inadequate amount of sleep that the millennials get. Not necessarily inadequate, but a disturbed sleeping pattern is capable of adding to the stress of individuals as well. In fact, the most significant contributor to stress and anxiety is poor sleep. Studies in the past found that lack of sleep arouses the regions in the brain that contribute to worrying. Some of the common causes of insufficient sleep include spending time surfing on the mobile, not making sleep a priority and going to bed at different times. Therefore, it is essential for you to make sleep a priority. And throw your mobile away at night.

If you are spending hours surfing on the Internet searching for ways on how to deal with anxiety, stop. This mobile phone is the reason why you are unable to get an adequate amount of sleep along with other factors.

Drinking Coffee

Yes, we all know of coffee as the best friend that accompanies us while we stay awake alone. It helps us to stay awake and alert when everyone else is asleep. However, we fail to realize that this is a short-term effect. In the long run, coffee proves to be harmful to us. Especially for people who are predisposed to anxiety already. Coffee will only make such people more jittery, nervous and irritable. Moreover, sensitivity to caffeine is heightened in people who suffer from panic disorder or social phobia. Caffeine can actually provoke panic attacks in certain individuals. Apart from this, caffeine can also cause dehydration.


You may want to deny this one, but money keeps the majority of the millennials worried. In fact, according to studies, money is the major stressor among people between the age group of 18 and 35 in the States. You might think that these people blow away their money on luxuries like avocado toasts and trendy restaurants. However, this is not the case. Money, in general, in a major concern among people. Because millennials is also the generation that has been hit the hardest by student loans. These things then put them into insecurities. They fear if they will be able to be in a financially secure position ever or not. Which adds to the stress levels of these individuals. Some would even hold back from being in a relationship because they know that they cannot afford to be in one.

And then people think reading materials online on how to deal with anxiety should help. This is not how it works. The millennials have pressures (which are not confined to studies) to deal with.


Technology affects the mental and physical health of individuals in a negative way. This is because millennials ignore the world around them while they stick to their gadgets. They are constantly checking their social media feed, emails or texts. Hence, adding to their anxiety and stress.

Work Life

Work keeps the millennials stressed as well. Many millennials complain that they begin their day stressed and fatigued. This leads to them making simple mistakes at their workplace. The truth is that the long hours that they work for combined with the insufficient amount of vacations that they get exhausts them. Hence, leading to an increase in the stress levels.

Having discussed the stress contributors, it is essential to discuss ways to deal with these issues as well.

How to Deal with Anxiety & Stress

Talking Transparently

Millennials need to talk to their partners transparently about certain things or topics. These topics also include relationship issues and their expectations from one another. Apart from that, it also includes the expectations that they have from one another regarding the values. Two individuals can have completely opposite set of values. Millennials should also know how to address the financial expectations that they have from one another. Talking openly about stuff will only help to reduce stress and nothing else.

Focus on Your Passion

There is no shortcut in this world. You would know it better. However, this does not mean that you have to put yourself through something that you do not like. Concentrate on your passion. Think about things that you are fond of and that make you happy. Think about the things that relax you. If you will let the stress of work get onto your nerves, you will suffer a great deal as a result. Tune into things that make you feel more confident about yourself. Because lack of passion and confidence can lead to anxiety and depression as well. Confidence, once shattered, does not come back that easy. Then people go looking for ways on how to deal with anxiety. So, it’s better to play safe.

Care for yourself and your mental health the way Spectrum silver package reps do for their customers. You will see that you will start feeling better about yourself.