Are you aware of that feeling when your heart beats faster due to any event or stressful situation? Or do you have sweaty palms when you have to accomplish a task or manage an event? If that sounds familiar to you, it’s time to put a name to it – it’s anxiety. It’s an obvious response of your body to stress.

Are you yet to identify the triggers? If not, here are a few examples:

  • Meeting your partner’s family members
  • Your first day at college or a job
  • Appearing for an exam
  • Giving an official presentation in front of your team

The triggers vary for people. And it is necessary to recognize the triggers so that you can cope up with your anxiety attacks better. You might take some time to identify your triggers. For this, you might need some self-reflection and acceptance, and then you can walk towards addressing and remedying it.

Quick tips for managing anxiety by Martin Polanco

Is your anxiety centered towards a situation? For instance, getting worried and tensed about an event – generally, in such cases, you will find that your anxiety symptoms are short-lived and will subside once the scheduled event takes place.

However, if the anxiety is sporadic and often gets in the way of your tasks and focus, you need to resolve it. Here are few quick natural remedies to take control of the situation that can help.

  1. Question or analyze the way you are thinking

Negative thoughts can occupy the root of your mind says, Martin Polanco. It can even distort the situation’s severity. Hence, the way out here is to challenge your fears and understand whether they are real and true. It would help if you found where you can regain control.

  • Practice deep and focused breathing

Deep and focused breathing can help in the face of anxiety! You can try to breathe in and out for four counts each and do it for a total of 5 minutes. When you even out the breath, your heart rate slows, enabling you to get back your calm.

  • Make use of aromatherapy

Whether you use a candle, incense, or oil, scents like sandalwood, chamomile, and lavender are highly soothing. Studies suggest that aromatherapy can activate specific brain receptors that ease anxiety.

  • Do yoga or go out for a walk

At times, the ideal way to pause anxiety is to walk away from stressful situations. You can devote some time to focus on the body through brisk walking or yoga, and it will help your mind relieve anxiety.

  • Write about your thoughts

Holistic coaches suggest people write about the things that make them anxious. It makes the situation appear less daunting. It also enables you to face the problem at hand better and reduce your anxiety to a great extent.

Managing anxiety is essential for having balanced mental health! These simple and fast relaxation tricks are helpful for people who witness sporadic anxiety. It can also help people with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and help to regain their calm and balance with practice.