The mental health of a person is more valuable to care than physical health. Some people only focus on physical fitness and are not aware of the damages that mental illness can cause. Stress and depression have become quite a common thing in our society. Every other person is going through stress about earning, relations, or community. If a person is unaware of his or her mental illness, he or she cannot manage it.

Firstly you must know because it is only you that can detect the symptoms in the initial stage. The feeling of loneliness, not feeling happy, not wanted to smile or talk, constant emptiness are the signs of depression. If stress remains constant and untreated for long, then it will become depression.

Effect of COVID 19 on mental health:

COVID 19 has made our lives stuck at one point, and people have to stay at their homes for their well being. Not going out, disconnection from family and friends, not having earning sources has led to so much pressure and stress on ourselves. The isolation time has become of months now, which is continuously building tension in the human mind if you have no one with you, then the chances of mental instability doubles.

In this situation of stress, “Thrive Global” is ready to be your companion. We welcome our clients and treat them like our family. You can contact us at any time. Due to Pandemic, there is a lockdown in every area; still, you can take our help fro technology. We are coming with our brilliant android app. Constant cell phone use and fake social media world also cause irritability; this app will let you take a break from the outer world so that you can spend quality time with yourself and loved ones.

Tips to be mentally stable during Pandemic:

Mental stability comes from within the person. Your insight can bring you out of the depression, but here are some tips that can help you in this struggle. Follow these steps to bring back well being:

  • Physical activity is something that provides you mindfulness. Through exercise, your blood circulation increases and reaches the brain, which boosts your energy. Consistency in physical activity brings positivity in your life and make you more relaxed and out of stress. In the Pandemic, you can do walk or work out at home.
  • Connect with your friends and family, take out more time for themselves. It will make your relations stronger, thus making you feel lighter.
  • Whenever you feel some mental disturbance, ask for help undoubtedly. Do not hesitate as mental health is as essentials as your physical health. Do not take risks and go for the solutions in the initial stage.
  • Spend time in such things that you like, such as gardening, guitar playing, book reading, cooking food, etc. It will divert your mind from thinking negatively and makes you happy from inside.
  • If you are a worker at a hospital or restaurant, you must follow the SOP’s to keep you and others safe. The sealed packaging of the goods like sanitizers in hospitals or food products in restaurants must be proper. The chamber vacuum sealer works fantastic in this regard. Inappropriate packaged product has high chances of getting contaminated with viruses or bacterias, so be careful.
  • Our app is terrific as it provides you guidance about all these tips. You will get the notification and alerts to do good things. It cares for you, thus brings you out of mental trauma.