In less than three months, there are fifteen thousand cases of COVID-19, and 128 countries are fighting with this disease. Reports and news channels stated that it would take a minimum of three weeks to normal the situation, and citizens are informed not to step out of the house. Humans are social animals, and it is difficult to stay in complete isolation for a long time. 

As the number of confirmed cases is increasing daily across the globe, WHO expects that people have to stay in isolation for up to 15 days to reduce the virus’s spread. Now the question is how to deal with isolation and boredom. For some introverted people, isolation is like a dream come true, but for extroverts, the idea of loneliness is like a nightmare, and they are looking for some entertainment at home.

Especially when you are talking about Gen-Z, loneliness does not make them happy, and they are not interested in social distancing. These days, we may feel the world around us is beyond our control, and we don’t feel energized and find happiness in our daily life. 

So let’s see there are some actions and options to overcome isolation and loneliness during the corona effect.

Concentrate On Your Immune System 

Isolation may impact your health, and you may face some issues related to heart and mental issues. For example, working adults may feel left out and find themselves ill. And research has found that it creates an adverse impact on your immune system.

Instead of feeling unhealthy and ill, you should focus on your health during this tough time. Make a diet chart, exercise regularly, try to spend time with your loved ones, listen to motivational speeches to improve your immune system, or watch a favorite movie that can uplift your mood.

If you love what you do and stay focused on things that resemble your routine, you may overcome anxiety and depression amid these days and remain happily as you were before.

Maintain Social Contact 

There are some obvious reasons that you have to maintain distance from crowds and gatherings. During these days, you seek support from family and friends, but fear of COVID-19 prevents you from doing this.

Instead of feeling alone, try to help friends and family members to solve their life issues and support them. Try to boost their attitude towards life and create a positive atmosphere around you. 

Moreover, you can stay in touch with your near ones through phones and social networking sites. Send some funny texts in groups and try to interact with people via social sites that can help you to stay happy. You can also visit the nearest friend’s house and initiate the conversation related to entertainment and sports. It can surely help you to combat this situation.

Find Others Like You

Today, with the wide availability of the Internet, you can find many people who think like you and share the same interests. For example, if you live in society, find a group of two-three people, and begin a friendship.

You can share lunch and dinners with them, try to discuss common topics, and exchange some thoughts related to life that can improve your vision, and you may change your perspective towards life.

Play some indoor games like Tabletennis, cards, and Carrom to uplift your mood, and you won’t feel down anymore. Develop hobbies and try to play with kids; it feels them valued, and you will forget about your worries.

Hardly you get this opportunity where you can finally focus on yourself and having a “ME” time. Get the most of it and organize your day like rest, cook, read, and repeat. It will improve your health, and you may find happiness doing small stuff.

Don’t Overload With News

As we said earlier, the effect of Corona is not stopping, and news channels are continually bombarding articles, blogs, videos, and many more. Moreover, the Government has taken some serious steps, but there is a constant fear among the public, and it feels demotivated.

Hence, you need to maintain a distance from the news channels and don’t scroll feeds unnecessarily, it will kill your happiness but watching the news 24 hours a day is not a good thing because you can not control anything, it is not in your hand. 

Sometimes, it is found that 90% of information has a negative message, and if you turn on the TV, you will only hear about the effects of COVID-19, and you will end up with either fear or depression. Instead of that, watch some series and read informative articles to feel better.

Stay Busy 

During this time, staying busy is a great way to escape from negative emotions and stay productive. Usually, when you are fully occupied with your job and don’t get time to think enough about your plans and future. This is an ideal time, take a pen and note-down some plans and develop some ideas that might help you to achieve your goal.

Do some research on trending topics, for example, these days the on-demand business is booming, and people have started to invest in application, his web application offers everything from meals to groceries and medicines to plumbings across the world using your smartphone.

You need to prioritize and organize the things to maximize the results and focus on your goal rather than living in fear. We all know that the Corona effect will not stop overnight, so thinking and talking about the same does not add value to your life. Instead of that, stay busy and build positive energy around you, it will help your brain to find possibilities.

It Won’t Last Forever.

We all have heard the famous proverb, “Everything is temporary,” whether it is problems or situations. Same way, Corona will end, and news stories and new chapters will begin in your life for sure. It won’t last forever, and new opportunities will surely knock down your doors.

Sometimes situations are bothering us, and it feels like this is the end of the world. Hence, you need to break down this situation and despite your bad feeling, try to be nice with others and try to interact with people, it is the correct way to go, and you will easily come out from this serious situation.


It is very important to stay safe and healthy during these days. Staying at home will help you to control the situation, and you may reduce the overall infection ratio. 

Keep the following above solutions to the best of your ability and try to stay healthy. Spend maximum time with your family and take care of your family like using face masks and gloves to reduce the risk and try to talk over the phone instead of face to face communication.

We all know that staying at home for a long time can be tough, and it frustrates you, but instead of feeling low and negative, stay calm, and build a positive atmosphere around you. It will surely help you.

Hence, take care of yourself, eat healthy, and support your family members to get out of this situation. Be with your family and friends via social media, but make sure you don’t spread rumors and negative news that creates fear among the people.