House for sale

One of the most stressful periods of my life happened over the past year. I was house hunting! I feel it has taken a few years of my life with all the stress, pressure, waiting and hurt I felt when I lost out on negotiations.

In this post I will provide some tips on how to deal with these stresses of buying a new home and how to deal with estate agents.

Consider your budget

As a house buyer you need to have a clear understanding of what you are willing to spend and what you can afford. There are lots of places online to can find reasonably priced houses, like affordable houses for sale in Donegal.

If you are putting an offer on an older house, get an expert opinion on what additional works may cost to carry out changes that you may be planning.

Don’t settle for a property your not sure off

You need to have a good gut feeling about the property that you are bidding on. There is no point attempting to purchase a house if you are not fully sure it is right for you. Sometimes people just rush in with a house that they see and make a bid.

If you end up with a house that you are not fully happy with, you are only going to be on the hunt again shortly. Not only will there be stress of looking for a new house but you will also have to sell your existing home.

Choose your location

You need to get a positive vibe from the area you are looking at. As a prospective buyer, what amenities are nearby and which are most important to you; shops, schools, sports clubs, hospital, pubs and restaurants.

Another thing to consider when choosing somewhere to live, you must consider the distance you have to commute each morning. Consider doing a trial commute during rush hour to get a gauge of traffic during busy periods.

Make a list

A solution to deal with stress when buying a home is to have a make a list and compare the various pros and cons of each property you view.

Factors to consider include storage, number of bedrooms and toilets, lighting, square footage, parking, ambience, and probably the most important factor; location.

Bask in the opportunities

Instead of focusing on the problems with the houses you view, you should concentrate on the opportunities that are present with a new home. Adding an extra bedroom, bathroom or conversion of the attic can greatly boost the value of your home should you decide to sell in the future.

Every house can be made a home, it is just how much you want to invest into it.

Work with your partner

With a lot of the time, people but property with their partner. As it is a stressful time it is essential to be open and not cause conflict. While stress levels are high, people can end up fighting over little things. It is important that you do not let resentment build up between you and your partner.

Communication is one of the best ways in which to deal with stress between you and your partner.