A wise man once said “Stay away from toxic people because they have a problem for every solution”
We all try to avoid toxic people in our lives as much as possible but sometimes it isn’t that easy for us to avoid them. If you can’t avoid toxic people entirely in your life, you can try the following tips to limit their influence.

Clearly define your limits
Toxic people often try to control other people’s lives and failing to do that makes it a challenge for them. Instead of trying to control their behavior, you should try to set limits on things that you can control. Don’t waste your precious time and effort to deal with toxic people and try to make your interactions limited and brief as much as possible.

Don’t wait for their apology
Sometimes people don’t have the courage to stand for their actions and try to hide behind lies. In such cases, you should not wait for them to realize and make up for their mistakes. Don’t accept their lies but also don’t keep yourself engaged in the argument. Your happiness is more important than being proven right. In simple words, just move on.

See the positive side
Instead of seeing yourself trapped in negativity and difficult situations, pick yourself up and try to focus on the positive aspect of every situation. Carefully analyze all the available options of getting out of the situation and call for action accordingly. Never take a decision out of fear and don’t let the negativity of the situation impact your inner peace.

Don’t let them manipulate
Toxic people believe in getting what they want at every cost. They don’t care about your emotions and problems and even try to exploit your problems and take advantage of your weaknesses. Don’t lend an ear to their flattery compliments and try to figure out their hidden motives behind them.

Know when it’s enough
Toxic people often try to blame you for being sensitive instead of analyzing their own behavior. One thing you should know is that abuse, whether its physical, verbal or emotional, is never acceptable. Don’t accept abusive behavior and also don’t react emotionally as this will keep them interested. Use logic to point out their mistake and move on immediately and don’t let the rest of your day affected by that.