Uncertainty is an aspect of life everyone deals with at some point.  In particular, when someone decides to venture out on their own and become an entrepreneur, there is a unique rush of emotions and feelings one cannot describe. Outside the normal work environment and someone else managing you, starting a business brings out a multitude of feelings. One of these includes uncertainty. What are some ways to deal with uncertainty as an entrepreneur? 


Rome wasn’t built in a day, so neither will an entrepreneur’s empire. Slow and steady is the best mindset to have. Understand that it takes time to build a business from the ground up and since most entrepreneurs start their businesses as a side gig. Be mindful of what can and cannot accomplish right away. One of the fastest ways to undermine hard work is trying to do everything at once.

Set Goals

Regardless of where someone is in their journey, entrepreneurs need to set both short and long-term goals. Setting goals allows everything to come into a better perspective, making success a little more attainable. When goals are met, it boosts confidence levels, propelling even the most uncertain of entrepreneurs forward.

Tackle Core Issues

Another way to subdue uncertainty is tackling core issues first. For instance, if crowdfunding isn’t going according to plan, look for other viable means of funding. Although it might delay the launch date, it will help alleviate any feelings of inadequacy.

Redefine Values

As an entrepreneur, it’s normal to feel unsure when making big decisions. To minimize feelings of uncertainty, every entrepreneur needs to define and possibly redefine their values. What felt right last month may not be the case now, so it’s important to put what’s most important into perspective.

Test Concepts

Even the most strategically planned concepts need testing. Oftentimes, what looks good on paper may not come to fruition. If this is the case, don’t let anxiety and uncertainty take control. Step back and find ways to analyze the concepts that seem to be causing the issue.

Bridging the Gap

In entrepreneurship, there’s a fine line between excitement of bringing an idea to life and feeling as if nothing will ever go right. Somewhere in the middle, however, there’s an area where almost all entrepreneurs end up, at one point or another. Embrace and trust the process as it will make you more adept to handling different situations that may arise.