Entering or re-entering the job market is a cause for concern for many people. There are a number of reasons why looking for a job can be stressful for an individual since there are so many things to balance and you never know if you’re going to end up being chosen. Some fears for a job seeker stand out more than others though, and dealing with them is one of the most important parts of looking for a job. The rule of thumb is not get plowed under with the weight of stress that job seeking inevitably puts on your shoulders, but how exactly do you do that? Here are some of the most common fears that job seekers can face and how you can deal with them to save yourself undue stress and worry.

The Company Ghosts You

Companies tend to be busy places and your application is likely to be one of a couple hundred being processed. Too many times we’ve found ourselves submitting applications and even attending interviews and simply not getting called by the companies. Having an application fall through the cracks like this can be frustrating but for large corporate culture, it’s more the exception than the norm. According to Career Builder, as much as 75% of job seekers report never hearing back from their employer after submitting an application. While this does go a long way towards proving that it’s not just you that’s having this problem, dealing with the problem may take a bit of work on your part.

The Solution: Dealing with this particular issue involves releasing your mental hold of an application. Getting into a job application can take all your effort and it should since you want to present your best foot to the employer. However, once you’ve sent in that application, you should release it to what may happen and focus on something else, maybe another application or something completely unrelated. Letting go is important to getting over this hurdle. Companies will do this to you, and while it’s not very polite, it’s how company culture is. How we deal with it depends on us primarily, and we must take steps to retain our mental balance.

Rejection and the Fear of Facing It

Another major issue that job seekers need to work through is the fear of rejection. Everyone fears rejection of some type. Psychology Today states [] that the longing to belong to a group or tribe is what fuels our fear of rejection. In the case of the job seeker, it’s a fear of being told that you just aren’t good enough for a position. That can be a hard thing to face even at the best of times, but when you get told that over and over for a couple applications, you start off believing it.

The Solution: Rejection dents your self-confidence, but luckily you can bounce back from that dent. the problem is as more and more dents occur, it becomes more difficult to buff them out fast enough to deal with the next incoming ding. Dealing with rejection starts with being honest with yourself. It’s about accepting that you are as good as you are. Once you’ve got that bit down, the next step is convincing your potential employers that you are that good. Rejection isn’t nearly as scary as we make it out to be. At the end of the day, even if a company rejects you, then that’s simply their loss – the loss of a talented, hard-working individual that their rivals will more than appreciate.

New Environment and Change

The fear of change is another primal motivation to avoid doing something. This fear is tied to your anxiety of being in a new setting and as BBC notes anxiety can shape how we view the world, and even where we put our focus. The new environment of a workplace creates a lot of fresh considerations for you to take into account, especially if you are a new job seeker and are expected to move out of your comfortable existence into a regimented nine-to-five that takes place in an office building. The fear of change is a powerful motivator and can even force some job seekers to avoid applying for certain jobs because the change would be too drastic from what they’re used to.

The Solution: Facing your fear is the only true way to beat it. There’s no easy way to fix being afraid of the unknown, unless you make the unknown the known. This is a principle everyone playing on Judi online fully understands. That can only happen by facing it down and dealing with it. New environments present challenges, but overcoming those challenges makes you a better, more grounded person and someone who is better suited to the position you may find yourself in. Don’t see this as an insurmountable obstacle, but rather a mountain that you can and will conquer.

The Psychology of Looking for a Job

Landing a job in this day and age is a daunting prospect, especially in the current job market. It’s a numbers game and you have to play the game to win at it. The biggest obstacle you are going to face is not the companies you are running up against, or the requirements those companies have put in place. Rather it is your own mental block when it comes to dealing with the greatest fears all of us have. To go forward you have to know yourself and accept that these things do happen. It’s only by doing so that you get the strength to forge onwards.


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