Our current times have vastly changed our existence due to a pandemic that has impacted the world at large. This is also gives us the time to reflect on what we have done and try to predict what is to come. The news posted everywhere, reminds us how fragile life is and is the very reason we need to become better in a specific area in our lives. That starts with the very thoughts we allow to take part during this process which is dictated by the very questions we ask ourselves.

Why is it that we have the intention to change but on many occasions change doesn’t happen?

Can we talk about that for second? Its’s hard to ask the tough questions of ourselves but that’s where our greatest change occurs and my hope is to help to shift your mindset in order to make this time in isolation a positive change. Not just time passing by in order to go back to the already beaten path as before.

Let’s start with the impress card to throw out (ego) and it’s no help that in our current society, status tends to carry a heavy bearing on how others view you. Step back for a second, outside of ourselves. Do others conduct who we are or what we become? I would sincerely hope not but that’s a question that remains to be seen several platforms especially social media.

What are my core values?

Our first shift needs to take place within our core values. If you were sitting at a table with some of the highest profile ceo’s ready to sign a contract with you, but it depended on them asking you “What are your five top core values.” Would you be able to answer them without a pause?

I don’t think many would and there in lies our first problem. We want so many things but many of those things don’t line up with who we are at the core. Values like gratitude, faith , strength , impact, giving and love. You see our values are the single most important part of us. They keep us in line with the very person we truly want to become. Not some cookie cutter, materialistic shadow of ourselves. Take the time now and just write as many values you can think of. Then start a process of elimination until you get to your top 5, from most important to important.

What is it I want? Why?

Knowing what we really want can be a fickle thing to find. In one hand you have something that sparkles and shines so bright. We are like “Yessss I want all that” and in the other hand it may not shine so bright at first but something keeps pulling you towards it. Sound familiar? 

After our core values have been put into place, learning to listen to ourselves is the tough part. That means following our hearts towards what we really are passionate about. This is road that so many aren’t will to travel because its a long haul ahead, with a lot of uncertainty around every corner. My question to you would be this, “Would you rather settle for mediocrity with something that brings you instant gratification or fine tune yourself and become an Icon of greatness?” We all have this choice and its a choice to make everyday we wake up. Knowing what you are chasing and soon enough it will be chasing you.

How did I win today?

Our final piece is all about getting it done, day in and day out. That means putting your head down and keep your eyes on the price while every distraction in the world tries to throw itself at you. We’ve all heard it before, “It’s either you put the work in or you didn’t.” In that same manner of speaking you have learn to celebrate every win along the way. No matter big or small. A wins, a win! 

My outlook after each day is to reflect on how many wins I piled up. The more consistent we get at winning in the small areas on a daily basis those big wins are bound to happen. 

I woke up this morning “I Win” I had a new business lead today “I Win” I had a killer training session today “I Win” I impacted someone else’s life today “I Win

It doesn’t matter if you start taking the smallest shakiest steps towards what you want. It’s still more action than most are willing to do. The momentum will build and before you know it, you’ll be running towards what you really want and living it. I leave you with this. It’s not what you do, not what’s in your wallet or where you live. It’s the gifts we have that we squander and not using them to find our true calling is a regret you don’t want to ever live with.