In this article we will try to explain our opinion and that of many clients who have told us about their experience. We consider that a reform and the change of the windows of the home is a work that we carry out once in a lifetime and that should be done with as much information as possible. The goal of this article is to help you make the best decision possible.

1. Search

The important and difficult thing is to get an objective idea of ​​the profile of the professional, since this is key to making a good final decision. Intuitively predicting that work and after-sales care will match that initial impression carries risks. That is why it is necessary that before applying intuition, we select professionals for window and doors installation.

2. Election

The tangible variables, of universal choice, of any project are quality and price. This is followed by the expectations that we want to achieve, often something difficult to quantify, but that a good professional will achieve.

Choice of window

The qualities of the product are somewhat key to make the best possible choice in these situations. Being a work designed in the long term, the better the choice of the product, the more savings and quality of life the home will have in the long term.

A good way to check its quality is to visit the place. There the important thing is to see the materials of the product and for the professional to do the demonstrations to see if the product really suits our needs. This added to the professionals, whom we will talk about in the next point, makes our final results incredible, exceeding the expectations of most clients.

Choice of professional

The choice of the professional is also key, since a good product added to an installation by specialized and official professionals, makes the results incredible. Also having both the guarantee by an official professional, as well as by the brand.

There are also other variables that relate more to the quality of service and customer service that are important to take into account:

  • The opinions of other clients, as we have already said, these are key to knowing the service and the result of many of the clients.
  • The confidence that the professional shows us at the beginning of the process. Your knowledge and training, which will demonstrate your experience.
  • The degree of commitment, dedication and response time in answering questions, sending quotes, etc. In a word, feeling important to the seller and checking that he does not spare time or effort in explaining everything to us. Since a work, such as a window installation, can generate certain doubts towards the client, then that the professional resolves these doubts is key to the final choice.
  • The proximity of the business, having a physical point of sale like a store helps a lot, because it increases the confidence that it will always be there to serve us. In addition, you can solve any doubts whenever necessary and give us a demonstration of the product.
  • The coherence of trade and professional will give us an important source of information when making the best choice.

In short, the choice should be based on something tangible such as the product, the reviews, the recommendations of other customers and the trade. But also based on intuition, on the perception of coherence that the professional transmits to us, on the care and trust that it generates.

3. Why is it important to hire specialized professionals?

Another very important decision is to choose between doing the entire reform with a single “multi-service” professional or choosing several specialist professionals. Our opinion and that of many clients is that it is not advisable to hire the same professional for the entire work.  Well, this is usually done by hiring a reformer, whose specialty is masonry and not more technical services.

Technical services such as windows and exterior enclosures must be directly hired by a specialist professional, an official distributor of a brand of windows.  This recommendation is based on the experience of many clients who want to save time, problems and supposedly money. In reality, in the medium term, they have lost more time, have had more problems and have ended up spending more money.

4. Conclusion

We all make mistakes at times, but the more tangible arguments and the more information we have to perceive that we are going to meet our expectations, the less risk of making mistakes we will have. And the only way to reduce that risk is to BUY IN THE WINDOWS AND DOORS SPECIALIZED STORE. In addition, as we have already explained during this article, we have to take into account the quality of the product of said specialist, and his service.