use your creativity and think about the objectives to conceptualize changes in the decoration of your home to enjoy it more during this quarantine.

1 – Clean every corner

Start with a deep cleaning session in your home. It is a great opportunity to have it our way again, it will also give your ideas on possible design improvements, go room by room, and check all your belongings: accessories, decoration items, utensils, and even clothes.

Create three groups: items to keep, to donate or to give away, and items to get rid of. Involve everyone in this process, it can help keep spirits up and it will generate very positive and visual results, it can also be fun. Few realize the great impact that order can have on their interior space, the moment you get rid of the unnecessary is when you really see how big it can be.

2 – Take good care of your plants

Enjoying the outdoors is not easy at a time when the world is trying to prevent a pandemic. Fortunately you can bring the outside inside and display it with pride. Have you been neglecting the plants in your house? The time has come to talk to them and take good care of them. Replanting them is one of the easiest ways to make them “feel” better and thrive; this is the perfect time to reconnect with the nature that brings joy and life to your home. In addition, there are more and more studies that show that having plants in workspaces increases productivity and reduces stress levels.

3 – Paint a room

A new paint job can have a tremendous transformative effect on your space. It’s a fun and easy project that can be completed in just one day. All you have to do is select the correct Ceiling tiles color and purchase a pair of rollers, as well as a protective plastic. You can create an accent wall while all the others remain dimmed; you can also add textures and design patterns. The internet can provide a lot of inspiration, there are so many creative tutorials on how to repaint your walls that it will be difficult to choose just one.

4 – Create a personal corner

Social distancing will give you a lot of time to spend alone; creating a small space just for yourself is a good idea. Devote it to some of your favorite activities: reading, drawing, doing crossword puzzles or watching a movie. A cozy chair, some cushions, and a blanket are the perfect starting pieces. If you are a reader, also consider adding a permanent light that illuminates your space in the best way. An ottoman, a rug, and a solid surface for a snack or a drink will complement your little corner wonderfully

5 – Rearrange your furniture

Another very simple and impressive project that you can execute without leaving your home or spending money. Rearranging furniture in a room and reviewing the d├ęcor can open up space as well as enhance your renew energy. It can be carried out to create more floor space for children or exercises, make better use of natural light, or ensure the separation of functional areas in an open space floor.

If you work from home.

 Redefine your space Seek to place yourself in a space illuminated with natural light, this increases productivity, reduces the appearance of headaches and stress, and also helps you stay awake and alert. Keep your space tidy, so you can focus on your work without distractions, make sure that all the tools and documents you use are organized or stored. You can choose a desk set to help with organization and visually invite you to sit down to work.

Sit comfortably, choose a suitable chair to work, not tiring your back helps to increase productivity, look for one that you can level, with support for the arms and, if possible, with wheels on the legs much better. If, despite advice and a search for inspiration, you still do not have ideas and you do not know how to fix your home during the period that we live, I recommend you look for a professional who can help you make your home really that space that gives you peace and emotional stability.