Monday Blues

Weeks come and go, that is a normal procedure. However, one thing that is most annoying and keeps coming is that gloomy MONDAY FEEL. Oh Hell! Why God created a Monday, why not only Saturday and Sunday. Weekends are great, full of energy and life. BUT, what to do, If Sunday is there, the next day (you surely do not want to spell it) is destined to come.

It is really not a joke to prepare yourself again and again for the start of the new week. All the negative things, workplace issues, personal life chaos, come to life again. That frustration is sure to accompany until the next Friday night comes. No, this cannot happen every time as it affects your health, life, career everything and in turn future.

Why not work on some ways that can help you face the upcoming dullness of tiring Mondays. Here they are –

People have different reasons of Monday blues what is yours

Every person has some particularity in his/her frustration about the week start. May be your neighbour feels that the physical fatigue on every Monday morning is unbearable, your friend is usually worried about the pending work. Your my hate to do the preparations for the next 5 working days. Washing formal clothes, completing pending files (don’t do this), filling wallet/pure from money for daily commute thing etc. It increases the feel of depression that another bunch of hectic schedule is about to come.

To work in the right direction of solution; you need to know the root cause. If your concern is to avoid preparing for next week, then change of perception can help here. Just focus on the good things about your job. The dresses you buy, the expensive Christmas decoration that beautifies home, the comfort of car that has a cost, everything comes due to that job. Your salary earns all these luxuries and thus the workplace should be a place where one should enter with all these things in mind. Gratitude can be another word for this. Try this, you will feel better.

Prepare weekend plans at the week start

As nothing positive comes in mind on Monday’s why not make it happening by making list of your weekend plans? Do you want to go for a candle light dinner with your partner, or a pending request from your daughter, to visit an amusement park will consume the time? Why not plan a visit to your farm house to have a peaceful time with your family. In fact, a meditation class can also be a good excuse to meet yourself. List everything that stimulates excitement, it will help to have a happy start of week. Every passing day will become a good news of the rejuvenating activities that are coming closer. WOWW! Exciting, Enchanting.

Organise your finances and obligations

Whole week you just wrestle with countless expenses. The Saturday and Sunday can be the days to sit quietly and see how you are performing in finances and fix the loopholes. Take a look at the obligations. For instance – are the installments of guaranteed payday loan you took from the direct lender for some urgent expenses are going on time? Make sure auto debit of any of the repayments didn’t miss due to insufficient balance in the bank account.  Is this something that can be done to improve the monthly budget strategy? Find ways to cut the expenses and pay attention on every required aspect of finances. This can have a miraculous effect and you feel organised and confident in the next week.

Get abundance of sleep to wake up fresh and energetic

Do not let the limits of time follow you at weekends. Break the rules of limited hours, sleep as much as you can and let your body decide its own mood. If it says, sleep then sleep with no second thoughts in mind. Keep cuddling with the pillow on the bed and let yourself feel pampered. Keep taking small naps, when you wake up have a bed tea, take a nap again, wake up again, have something to eat, take a nap again, wake up to watch your favourite program. Keep doing this.

Great! What a luxury to surrender yourself in the cosy comfort of bed and let the day pass.

Change your look for Monday

To feel new and rejuvenated on this Monday, do something special. May be a new dress, may be a new hairstyle, a new wristwatch, maybe just a glowing face after facial on Sunday evening. The final point is, do something that can bring newness in your appearance. You know what? This newness is not always about buying new things. If there is formal wear that went abandoned due to the new stuff in the wardrobe, bring it out and wear it. For sure, the colleagues are sure to notice this.

Small efforts bring big changes and the problem of Monday Blues is actually nothing. After all, there are always ways that can make the situation better.