We often find ourselves stuck in such sticky situations. You had a bad day, a worse meeting, a pathetic conversation with a loved one, your wallet got lost and so many other unwanted situations in life. You want to come out of it but you keep feeling upset over it again and again. This puts your mind under stress and spreads negativity in your complete body state.

Here’s how you can detach yourself by keeping few points in mind:

  1. Focus on being happy. No one can make you feel bad unless you want to. Yes, you read it right. No one has the power to upset you unless you yourself want to. You have to learn how to love yourself.
  2. Expect minimal. Keeping your expectations level to minimal rather negligible helps you the best in your life. When you don’t keep expectations, you get surprises more often and you reduce the chances of hurting yourself.
  3. Think positive. Positive thinking has a big impact in your life. If you keep on thinking negative all the time, it tends to show in your behavior. Stop your mind from wandering to negative thoughts and divert them towards positive ones.
  4. Let the happiness grow in your subconscious mind. Most of our thoughts run in our subconscious mind and its been said that when you are subconsciously happy, you tend to be happy outside as well.
  5. Meditate. Meditation has amazing powers. It helps you to focus. If you want your mind to stay on positive thoughts, meditation will add huge aid to it.
  6. Engage yourself in your favorite hobbies. Starting with your favorite hobby can keep your mind focus on creativity and give space to negativity.
  7. Exercise. Talking a walk daily for 40 minutes or jogging or running or any other exercise you like can help boost your mental strength as well. After all, a healthy body has more chances of having healthy mind as well.
  8. Play your role well. This is the most important aspect. When you focus on performing your task in whatever moment you are, you tend to perform better. Its all about playing your role well at the right time.

What do you want to start today? Take a 7 day challenge with adding each point every day to your day and see the difference in your life. Start now.