Naturally, human beings are constantly pursuing greater achievements and success in their relationships, work, business, academics, competitive sports, and games as well as in all other fields. However, without developing the right mindset and establishing the right kind of habits, stagnation is the order of the day. We explore in detail how to develop a success mindset and achieve your life’s goals.

Take stock

The first step is to understand your current situation and mindset. There are generally two types of mindsets: fixed and growth. A fixed mindset limits your chances of achieving success since you do not believe in your ability to learn, to adapt and to perform better. On the other hand, an individual in a growth mindset believes in their ability to keep learning, adapting to changes, gaining greater experiences and generally improving their knowledge and skills. The goal is to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Constantly challenge yourself

Although it may be easy to summarize dream life mastery in one paragraph, achieving it requires persistent actions. This can partly be accomplished by challenging yourself progressively over time. The challenges could be physical, mental, and spiritual, academic, business-related or even personal as long as they help you build confidence and tenacity.


You can also change your mindset through mentorship. The mentor ought to be an individual you admire and aspire to emulate, one who is knowledgeable and experienced about something- say a business or a career field you would like to pursue and one who is willing to act as a mentor and a sounding board. The mentor helps you navigate the journey without getting lost in the noise or losing hope after some falls. They can also guide you on the resources that have the greatest benefit for your journey, help you develop challenging but achievable goals and act as an accountability partner.

Dealing with stressors

A stressed mind cannot achieve peak performance. As such, you must find a viable way to deal with stressors as they occur. Stress could originate from your employees, colleagues, boss, family, finances, health, studies and even from your religion. Without a proper way of dealing with stress, your mind will be fatigued and distracted and therefore achieving the success mindset will be an elusive dream. You could try different approaches and then identify the most successful one and stick to it for as long as it is working. Once it becomes ineffective, you iterate or come up with a better way to deal with the stress.

Embrace failure

When seeking to grow your mental capacity and to achieve your goals, failure will be a regular occurrence. If you are not failing, it means that you may not be challenging yourself beyond your current abilities. You should learn to embrace your failures, acknowledge them than treat them as an opportunity to learn and become better. By learning to deal with failure appropriately, you make it easier to take calculated risks that have either a greater return- satisfaction, financial success, better relationships and so on.

Here’s a great post on Thrive Global, How Embracing Failure Can Fuel Your Success.

Build a suitable circle of friends and associates

You are the average of the people you spend most of your time with. Therefore, in your pursuit to build a success mindset, you ought to spend time with people who share your quest or who have achieved what you are seeking. This way, you can learn from each other and assist each other where necessary. This does not imply that you should avoid everyone else since you can also assist them to realize the benefits of such a mindset and therefore push them to become better.

Set smart goals

As much as your mind plays a great role in achieving your personal goals, you must also learn to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Why is this important? If you do not master the art of setting smart goals, you will never achieve anything, even if you cultivate a success mindset. Once you achieve a goal, you should come up with a greater goal such that you always have the challenge to tackle.

Keep track of your progress

What are your major successes and failures? What have you learned from the journey so far as well as from your mentors? Noting these things down helps you evaluate your progress from time to time as well as guide you when coming with new challenges. Building a blog where you can track your progress along with sharing your knowledge is also a great idea. Besides, it helps you in setting better goals now that you know how long it took to achieve some of the things you had set out to achieve.

Develop a routine

While some people may argue that a routine may limit creativity, it is a great strategy to develop the discipline required to master a success mindset. The routine involves simple day to day tasks like the time you wake up, your physical and mental exercises, how you allocate time to your activities throughout the day, the time you get to bed and the activities that you engage in just before you sleep. Routine helps you allocate the most challenging tasks of the day to the most productive time and therefore increase the chances of success.

A growth mindset is a lifelong quest because you never stop learning. Reading books, watching educative videos, engaging in one on one or group discussions, participating in forums and even helping others realize their potential are some of the activities that you can engage in while on this journey.

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