Every individual has their reasons why they are not ready to take the first steps of becoming an entrepreneur.  After all, venturing into the world of business requires many complementary skills.  But no one is born an entrepreneur. For this reason, everyone is capable of embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure.

Similar is the story of Jamel Baines, who sees no reason why you should not make your entrepreneurial goals a success. Baines is a TV actor and Film Producer with award-winning feature films under his name.  In this post, Jamel Baines talks about the best ways to develop the grit, drive, and hustle to make your entrepreneurial goals a success.

  • Change Your Negative Mindset

We all have excuses for not doing the things we want in life. But these excuses only do more harm than good, especially when it comes to setting up a business.  The more excuses you make, the sooner your startup will fall down the pecking order. To achieve success as an entrepreneur, you will first have to get rid of the negative mindset and overcome excuses

In his book ‘Entrepreneurial Drive,’ Jamel Baines strongly advocates doing away with excuses as they are only holding you back.  Instead, you have to develop grit, a belief that will help you conquer almost anything as long as you have the determination running in your vein.  To develop grit, you must work hard to achieve it and claim it as your own. You have to win, no matter the odds.

  • Take Risks

To attain entrepreneurial success, you must be more than ready to get out of the comfort zone. Jamel Baines believes failures are afraid and uncertain of their ability and sit where they are safe. They never take risks and are wretched all the time. If you have a dream but are not taking any step towards it, you will forever remain stagnant.

In his book, Jamel Baines warns against thinking about the 49% business failing, but instead think about the 51% chance your company will be a success.  Although you may be afraid to lose or are unsure about your abilities, you should never let that stop you.  Remember, you won’t know what lies ahead until you give it a try.

Jamel Baines is a living example of the fact that you can make your entrepreneurial goals a success no matter how bumpy the road is. He is now expanding his business further by launching La Casa Company, an innovative real estate development firm with global outreach.  The company specializes in property rental, real estate development, asset management, and acquisitions.

Even though Baines is living the life of his dreams, he is still helping people develop their true potential.  Jamel Baines recommends clients seeking vacation and leisure to take advantage of La Casa Company’s portfolio of short-term rentals domestically and abroad.

Remember, stepping away from your business and your daily routine is healthy for your body and brain.  Better, you can take this as the perfect opportunity to find your inspiration.   When you take some time for yourself, you’d be amazed at the creativity you generate.

You will deserve business success once you develop the grit, drive, and hustle. It is then that you can follow in the footsteps of Jamel Baines.