Our mental health is the foundation of our life! If you have good mental health, you can accomplish any goal and can also lead a happy life. The pandemic, with its adverse effects, had affected the mental health of people across the globe. But if you look at things positively, it has also given us ample time to address our mental health and clear out all the negativity and stress. So, we can either utilize this time by stressing more or taking out the stressors from our lives and boosting our mental health.

Guidelines by Michael Osland

Effective stress management is always about adapting thought patterns and habits that reduce the stress we witness daily. It is all about maximizing the ability to cope with stress and anxiety. It is essential to say yes to specific habits that boost our mental health and bring down the percentage of negativity and stress in our lives. Some of the guidelines he shares include:

  1. Clear the clutter

Have you ever consciously assessed what happens when you walk into a messy room? You automatically feel tired and stuck. During the pandemic, most people are working from home, and they might not have the time to clean their rooms. You must clean out the clutter because that will help you to feel relaxed. Also, when you walk into a clean room after a day’s work, you feel like getting engaged in peaceful activities like listening to music or reading a book. It helps to keep your mind balanced and free from negativity. It also reduces stress levels.

  • Drop the negative thoughts and attitudes

Everyone has some negative thoughts! You might not be aware of the limiting beliefs and attitudes that you have. For instance, do you find yourself procrastinating excessively? Do you often get into negative self-talk? Do you often find yourself projecting negative and limiting thoughts about the world? If yes, then it’s time for you to work on these thought patterns and release them. And you need to do the work consciously. For instance, the moment you identify a limiting thought, spin a positive thought around it and keep affirming it, till it becomes a dominant thought pattern.

  • Let go of grudges

Any kind of grudge is toxic and it never does any good to a person. Now that you have the time to focus on your mental health, it’s smart to find out your grudges and release the same. It’s not a complicated process as many would think it to be. You simply need to reflect on your life and recognize the situations that made you hold grudges on others and release it. The practice helps you release excess tension and toxic memory of the past, translating to peace and mental well-being in the long run.

As Michael Osland also says, the human mind is an interesting device that needs to be taken care of. You can refer to the guidelines mentioned above during this pandemic and release your negativity.