Is it even possible to find a delicious, non-sticky, instant energy-boosting, and filling energy bar? That is also free of additives and chemical preservatives? What about the cost? If it does exist, how will it affect your budget vegan living?

But, let’s make a step at a time.

1. What do nutritionists consider a health energy bar?

The obvious answer to this question is simple. “No added sugar or artificial additives of any kind”. And yes, this may be the correct answer, yet, there is still more to find the perfect organic energy bar.

The perfect organic energy bar is a product of plant-based ingredients. And it contains a balanced combination of micro and macronutrients. Including protein, carbohydrates and natural sugars formulated to create a delicious taste. The first place to start would be to learn how to read nutritional labels. When shopping for sports nutrition products, ingredients and nutrient composition is very important.

Although less than 10% of active people who eat energy bars get to read nutritional labels. That singular act can help you tell apart what contains added sugars from what is plant-based. And, what is plant-based is great for your health and fitness routine.

2. Why it is important to know your organic energy bars

You are dashing out to the gym, or on your way out the door to run a long-distance marathon. You are packing a bag to go hiking with friends and you need something portable but filling as well. You need to eat something clean and energy potent. You need something to keep you going and satiate hunger. Then you know that you definitely need an organic energy bar.

At every one of these scenarios, you are prone to make a quick and easy decision about what to eat. Knowing exactly what you are looking for in a vegan energy bar can prove the difference for you. You can be enjoying a tasty all-natural energy bar or putting a lot of sugar ladened snacks into your body. Hence, the reason why you should read nutritional labels.

You can also enjoy organic energy bars on the go when you are traveling. You do not want the temptation of junk food to keep you off your healthy vegan meal plan. Some people even refer to organic energy bars as a vegan’s convenient snack. Meaning you can have it between meals or anytime you want. And still, be sure that you are getting all the nutrients and energy you need in a balanced vegan diet.

3. Why other energy bars out there are not perfect for you

Finding all-natural vegan energy bars can be difficult, especially if you do not know what to look out for. Not because food manufacturers are not producing “healthy energy-bars”. Because they are, according to the marketing and packaging of these products. But, they contain additives that end up diminishing the health benefits promised.

For this reason, active people who desire to achieve their fitness goals should stay away from energy bars with added sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavours. You can do this by getting familiar with the ingredients present in your plant-based diet and all its nutrients compositions.

There are a few organic energy bars you can find out there to explore. We have asked Francesca Deriu, PhD and NutriCoach at Cronwhealth, to unfold the secrets of the perfect organic energy bar. Francesca says:

With every bite of any of the best organic energy bars, you are enjoying a delicious natural flavor of plant-based ingredients. And getting an instant energy boost to keep you going. Fast absorbing plant-based macronutrients; proteins and carbohydrates are the natural sources of that clean energy. So you are confident in the boost you are getting and also an increase in stamina and strength. Your energy reserve replenishes along with the precious minerals in the body. These minerals help in preventing muscle cramps or fatigue.”

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In summary, this my view on the anatomy of a perfect energy bar, 100% vegan and plant-based:

Nutritional labeling: every organic energy bar should have an easy to read ingredients and the nutritional label. The ingredients label shows a list of organic high-quality plant-based real food ingredients that makes up the composition of the organic energy bar and the protein bar, respectively. The best organic energy bars are free from gluten, GMO, dairy, flavours and additives.

Plant-based whole foods: Hunger can make one take a chance with cheat meals. And even when you indulge in energy bars with added sugars, you still find yourself getting hungrier and craving for more sugar. And so, by enjoying an all-natural organic energy bar without additives, it also helps satiate hunger. It also helps to keep you focused on performance in training.

Boosting strength and performance: Botanical extract, combined with all the natural ingredients in helps boost strength and stamina. Allowing the athlete to reach for peak performance with every new physical activity. One popular extract is cucumber, known for its effective anti-inflammatory properties. This joints, tendons and muscles supplement, is clinically proven to improve endurance, muscular strenght and to promote and speed up efficient recovery post-workout, thanks to its soothing action.

Focus and Support:  In order for one to focus completely during a high-intense physical activity, it requires a lot of will power and cognitive functions. Check for botanical extracts with focus nootropic action to improve cognitive health and its functions. When training in an intense environment, everyone needs consistent motivation to keep going. And, the cognitive part of the brain handles that function. It helps us in maintaining focus and keeping the mind motivated to move the body. So we can achieve our fitness goals, one activity at a time.

All the benefits listed above make up the anatomy of the perfect organic energy bar.