Finding your passion is a personal process of identifying the things that you enjoy doing most, among the ones that interest you. It is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself. Your passion is not necessarily connected to your career, though many, who turn it into a business, thrive.

Most people spend most of their life’s doing things that do not make them happy. They are so busy that they have never found time for a one on one session, of self-reflection and discovery to understand which parts of their lives, are working smoothly and what things give them stress the most. The benefits they get from doing these things have put them in a comfort zone.

For you to be able to find your passion, you must first be aware of who you are indeed; what are your values, beliefs, interests, fears, strengths, and weaknesses.

Importance of Knowing What You’re Passionate About     

  • You Will Discover You’re Most Fulfilling, Meaningful, Enjoyable, and Essential Things                                  These are the things that work for you with ease, less anxiety, and waste less time for you. Spending a lot of time on them do not leave you feeling stressed. This makes you the boss of your life. You can decide what you want to do whether the things that you love or those that strain you.
  • You Will Become Aware of the Things That Do Not Motivate You Your daily routine may be causing you anxiety and stress and you no longer are excited by the things you do for a living. These could be caused by some limiting beliefs you may have or some discouraging people around you who undermine your ability. Being conscious of these negative motivators helps you to make more informed decisions. Taking time to connect with your inner self magically gives you a new perspective of a life you appreciate more, and find more satisfaction in, yet you probably have been ignoring.
  • Your Passion Is Strongly Related to Your Talents and Gifts. Understanding what exactly you are good at, or what you would love to spend all day doing is a very fulfilling discovery. Happiness is not a destination but a way of life. People who commit themselves to develop their passion have come up with outstanding results and live a less stressful life.

10 Tips on How to Find Your passion

Asking yourself these ten questions can expertly help you to re-connect with your deeper self, and enhance discovery. Discovering the things that add more meaning into your life can be a true gift to self. Take time to answer them genuinely and find out the things that you are truly passionate about. This could be the greatest moment of self-discovery you have ever had.

  1. If you become financially secure and didn’t need a salary, how will you spend your time?
  2. What are some of your childhood interests or dreams that you have not explored fully, but still find intriguing?
  3. If you could pick three things that you would like to be remembered for after you die what will they be?
  4. Is there someone in your life or in your past, whose life and work inspires and excites you? Why?
  5. Considering a previous or current job, what specific activities have you done that you enjoy and find engaging?
  6. What lies are you currently telling yourself and others about who you are, what’s important to you and what you’re passionate about?
  7. What hobbies or interests excite you and you can consider pursuing as a life passion?
  8. Imagine you woke up nearly every day feeling happy, fulfilled, and content about your life and work, how would that impact you physically, mentally, emotionally, in your relationships, and also in your self-confidence?
  9. What would your ideal day look like if you were doing what you love most?
  10. What are the things that you’d really like to achieve or accomplish with your life before you die?

Parents should be keen on watching what their children like or dislike. The activities that they love to engage in should be encouraged and supported. Ensure that ample time is allocated to develop these skills especially those that are not supported in their formal education systems.

Final Word

Choosing to be committed to your passion is a very confident choice to make. It may not be easy especially for adults who are finding their passion late. Nevertheless, if you treasure happiness, then you may need to give your passion more attention as it will bring you fulfillment in the long run.

Money comes and money goes. It is almost impossible to have enough of it, because priorities and needs always change. One of the greatest ways to achieve happiness is to spend more time doing the things you are passionate about.