Dishwashers are used in homes, commercial establishments of the most varied segments and sizes, as well as within industries with the same function: ensuring agility in washing dishes, reducing water and labor.

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Here are some operational checks you can do if your dishwasher doesn’t work:

1 – Make sure that the door is closed and locked firmly. The dishwasher will not operate until the lock is properly connected. To check the lock, close and lock the door, holding the lock firmly. Then, keeping the latch closed, turn the control knob to ON. If the dishwasher works, the lock is defective and must be cleaned, tightened or replaced.

2- If the circuit is receiving power and the wall outlet is controlled by a switch, that switch may be defective. Test the switch with a voltmeter. Remove the plate from the switch cover and place one voltmeter probe in one terminal and the other probe in the other terminal. If the voltmeter indicator light comes on, the switch is working. If it does not light, the key is defective. Exchange the key for a new one of the same type.

3 – Make sure that the panel controls are adjusted correctly. The newest panels, which have push buttons, can be very sensitive. Make sure the buttons are pressed firmly. If you carried out these five checks without finding the solution, it’s time to investigate your dishwasher further.

4 – Check if she is receiving strength. If the unit is connected to a wall outlet, check the power cord and outlet to make sure they are working properly. Also check the switch that controls the outlet to make sure it is turned on. Most built-in dishwashers are connected directly to a circuit. On the main input panel, check for a blown fuse or a loose circuit breaker and restore the circuit. If your home is old, the dishwasher may be connected to a separate entrance panel. Look for a blown fuse or circuit breaker on this panel and restore the circuit.

5 – Make sure that the water is turned on and that the temperature is high enough. A suspension in the water heater can interrupt the flow of water from the dishwasher. Test the hot water in the kitchen or bathroom sink. If hot water comes out, the water heater may not be at fault.