Jana Campanelli .net How to earn respect as a leader

If you have a leadership role at your job, gaining the respect of your peers is paramount to pulling off successful projects. The role of a leader doesn’t automatically get you respect. As they say, respect is earned. If your team sees that you lack the qualifications to be a true leader, you can’t expect them to follow your lead just because you have a job title. Sometimes, you will be put in a tough spot if this is your first leadership role or if you’re younger than many of your co-workers. Rather than be intimidated, follow these steps, and you can gain the respect you’re looking for.


If your team sees that you are positive in the face of adversity, it can be a significant respect booster. By remaining positive, you will demonstrate patience and the ability to keep a level head when things aren’t exactly working out in your favor. You will also come across as a problem solver who can handle any situation. This is what a true leader does. Your positivity will ooze throughout your workplace, and you may start to notice that the rest of your team is more easygoing, thanks to your mood.

Receive Feedback From Employees

As a leader, team members are bound to seek you out for a variety of reasons. Be sure that you are listening carefully to what they have to say. There may be some concerns that deserve your attention or suggestions that could help make things more efficient. If the team feels you are a good listener and are able to make things better for everyone, your communication skills will shine. The team will trust you with any issues or feedback they may have because you’re open-minded and don’t come across as someone who has better things to do.

Become Approachable

This ties into receiving feedback from employees. You want the team to feel they can go to you for just about anything. Building a solid working relationship with your team will often make them want to work because they have a positive leader.

Follow these tips, and you may find that your team will gravitate to you.